Trunk or Treat


On Saturday night we had the opportunity to open up our home for our church’s annual fall party and “trunk or treat.” Much of the day on Saturday was spent preparing for this fun activity. The kids were huge helps as we prepared the house and yard for company.


The evening consisted of two parts. First, beginning at 5:30, was Trunk or Treat for the kids. Families that wanted to participate came early to set up and decorate their car for the trick or treaters that would be moving trunk to trunk. Since we had parked our cars away from the house to free up parking for visitors, Grace and Rusty set up a card table as their “trunk” to hand out candy on behalf of our family. In honor of their Halloween costumes this year they had an “UP” themed “trunk.”

Ellie and Carl

Ellie and Carl


The turnout for “Trunk or Treat” was wonderful, due in a large part to the beautiful weather. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions. It was sunny and the temperature was ideal. Perfect for a fall party!

"Trunk or Treat"

“Trunk or Treat”

Grace handing out candy.

Grace handing out candy.

When Trunk or Treat was completed it was time for part 2 of the evening…dinner and games!

Everyone was asked to bring chili or soup to share. There was also bread and butter, hot dogs for the kids, the makings for s’mores and of course hot apple cider.



This was Ozzie’s first Trunk or Treat and he loved it! He especially enjoyed the games…


There was “Ewww Gross,” a grossly fun opportunity to feel “brains,” “eyeballs,” and “witch’s tongues,” among other things.


The kids enjoyed “Needle in the Haystack,” where they had the chance to dig through a pile of hay in search of treats and treasures.


“Bowling for Ghosts” is always a hit!



The kids had the chance to earn jars of candy in the “Guess how Many” game.



The big hit of night for Tyler and some of the other little boys was the “Touchdown” football toss.


In addition to the games there was the “Draw you best monster face” activity at the chalkboard…


Fun around the campfire…



And, of course, hayrides!!



It was a beautiful night spent with wonderful friends.

We are so blessed to have such a great church family!

The following day Harley enjoyed the leftover games from the party. His favorite??

Finding the candy left in the haystack 😉


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