Light Up Night


Thursday night Rusty had his first opportunity ever to march in a parade. His Taekwondo class had a float in the local “light up night” parade so he bundled up and we all drove out with him to cheer him on.

The night was bitterly cold and the first snow flakes of the season were falling. The nip in the air, the hot chocolate in hand and the falling snow, illuminated by the street lights. all added to the festive feel.

Molly and Ozzie

Molly and Ozzie. (It is crazy how much they look like siblings in this picture even with no shared genes.) 🙂

Grace and Tyler

Grace and Tyler

The school asked that at least one parent walk with the float so Toby stayed with Rusty while the girls helped me with the little boys. We were early enough that we easily found a spot on main street with an empty curb to sit on. The boys were both excited to see what this parade business was all about. Neither had ever been to a holiday parade before so they waited anxiously to see what was going to march past them.


At 7:00 we heard the wail of the first fire engine siren. The boys jumped up and down with excitement as the vehicles passed. They were even more excited when the discovered that candy was often thrown from the passing trucks…

a show and a snack! 🙂

The boys waving at the passing cars.

The boys waving at the passing cars.

Rusty’s group was the 8th float after the long line of fire trucks and emergency vehicles so we didn’t have to wait long to see him. Toby had been guilted into carrying the sign.  My quiet, introverted husband found himself leading the group.

Toby leading the parade :)

Toby leading the parade 🙂

Rusty marched along, with his classmates, stopping often, to demonstrate kicks and punches for the crowd. We were so proud of him. The little boys cheered his name as he passed by.

IMG_5255 (2)

IMG_5256 (2)


There were a total of 78 floats in the parade so Rusty and Toby were able to finish marching and circle around to join us for the last half.

Gathering the candy that was thrown at them.

Gathering the candy that was thrown at them.

Ozzie was beside himself.  He cheered, shouted, and gave a play-by-play report of every passing display.


The parade ended with fireworks and Santa passing by on the top of a fire truck.

"Hi Santa!"

“Hi Santa!”

I was so proud of Rusty. This was definitely outside his comfort zone but he did it!

It ended up being a really fun night, much more enjoyable than I anticipated it being as I bundled up grumpy little boys in warm winter gear.

As we walked back to the car Ozzie told us it was the best parade he had ever been to (it was his first) and wanted to know when our next Christmas parade was. 🙂

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