We’ve reached the summit!


Today is the day.


I am sitting in the dark living room. The house is quiet and everyone is still sleeping. The only sound is the snoring of a sleeping bulldog at my side. I set my alarm to get up earlier than I needed to.

I needed some quiet time…some reflection time…before the noisiness and excitement of the day begins.

It is hard to believe it was just a year ago we met Ozzie. He and his sister had come to spend the weekend with us. An email went out asking for a family to offer respite for a foster family in need and we said yes. We had no idea what was coming or what that “yes” would lead to. We had no idea the crazy ride 2014 would hold. We had no vision of God’s plan when we said “yes.” What a journey this has been. We’ve experienced the full gamut of human emotions as we have worked to open our hearts and homes to another child and help him open his heart to us.

The journey wasn’t always smooth, but the most life changing journeys rarely are. The are usually strewn with obstacles, road blocks, speed bumps and pot holes. The best journeys require work, courage, and endurance. They stretch you and they make your muscles burn and they take your breath away.

With the challenges however come blessings. Muscles you didn’t even know you had at the start of the journey grow strong. Courage that was silent begins to roar. Feelings of inadequacy and doubt are replaced with faith and hope. As you journey outside your comfort zone you have opportunities to see amazing vistas, meet fellow travelers, and see God’s hand more clearly.

This year we climbed our Everest.

And now we sit on the top of the world. We’ve reached the summit. We can now see the big picture so much more clearly than we did at the base…and we are praising God!

Ozzie’s climb was even longer and his obstacles more challenging, but today we celebrate his climb. He made it. He reached the end of a very hard journey.

IMG_4656 (2)

IMG_4657 (2)

IMG_4663 (2)

Today he becomes part of a forever family.

Today we celebrate.

Tomorrow we begin climbing our next mountain, whatever it may be…. as a family!

(Stay tuned for pictures of our special day!)

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