Adoption Day (part 2)


Once we were finished in court we began part two of our special day. We had made it through the hearing and all the fears and “what ifs” that could have been obstacles were unfounded. It was time to celebrate!

As we left the courtroom we said our goodbyes to Zoey’s family. They were headed home for their own special adoption day party and we had our own celebration planned. We filed out of the courthouse and discovered that the temperature had dropped while we were inside. As we walked, we discovered patches of black ice that were treacherous. We carefully shuffled our way to the cars and buckled up for another adventure…


We had reservations made for Saga restaurant, located just outside of Pittsburgh. Due to main road closures we had to find a back way out of Pittsburgh. What should have taken 15 minutes took 1-2 hours for the different family members driving there. On our way we saw more than one accident due to icy roads. We were blessed that everyone arrived at the restaurant safely.

Ozzie rode with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend. Now that Ozzie is legally ours he can now ride with other people. He was very excited to have the opportunity to ride in Mimi’s car. He had a wonderful time riding with Krista and Uncle Travis.

We all had a fun time getting to know Krista. Ozzie later told me he wished Krista was part of our family to which Tyler suggested, “Maybe Uncle Travie can adopt her!”

(What do you think Trav?)  😉


Dinner was at a hibachi grill. It was the same restaurant we ate at after Tyler’s adoption. The meal is a special treat that offers delicious food and a show all in one meal. The food is prepared right in front of the diners as they eat. The meal comes with soup, salad, veggies, noodles, fried rice and a protein of your choice. I had the shrimp and scallops and they were very good!

Here is a glimpse of our special celebration:










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