That’s a wrap!


It is so hard to believe we are only a week away from Christmas. This month has been a bit surreal. Not even a month ago was adoption day for Oz. How the time has flown by!

This month has been filled with school, holiday preparations and activities, and lots of paperwork. We have begun the process to pull Ozzie out of our local public school and bring him home to school with the other kids (now that we are legally allowed to.) All these changes have added to the “adjustment phase” of our journey.

Yesterday was a big day for Ozzie, as it was his holiday concert. He has been working hard the last month to prepare for his band and choir concert at school. On Wednesday morning we dropped him of at school at 9:00am and then ran to the grocery store to kill 30 minutes before we had to return for his concerts. At the grocery store the kids helped me to pick out food and drinks for my party later that night.


At 9:30 we returned back to the school to find the parking lot already pretty full. I was surprised by the number of parents that came to watch, given the fact that they held the concert during working hours. Toby was unable to attend but the kids all joined me to cheer on Ozzie. We found seats in the gym and soon the band filed in to take their seats.

We found Ozzie in the program :)

We found Ozzie in the program 🙂

Ozzie was proudly carrying his trombone and searching the crowds to find us. When he spotted us he waved enthusiastically.


The band played three songs:

“Hot Cross Buns”

“Mary had a little lamb”

“Jingle Bells”

When they were done the third grade took the stage to sing, followed by the fourth grade, then the fifth. Ozzie’s fourth grade choir sang three songs:

“Solfege Santa”

“Christmas Wishes”

“We wish you a Merry Christmas”

He loved being on stage and sang with gusto.


For the finale all the grades joined together on stage to sing “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.”


Ozzie did a great job and loved having his family there to show off. After the concert he ran over to us to find out what we had thought and to hand over his trombone. It was a fun experience and a wonderful way to end our time at Big Beaver Elementary!


That afternoon I picked up Ozzie from school and told him that he would officially be enrolled in the cyber school on Monday. He asked if could see his lessons. Even though we don’t have his books and materials yet I was able to log him into school and show him his lessons. As I went into my room to get ready for my party I told him to look around at the website and check out his different subjects. When I came back out he eagerly reported that he had finished two math lessons and couldn’t wait to start homeschooling! 🙂

Wednesday night the kids spent the evening with Toby at church activities and then Christmas shopping while I had my annual wrapping party.


  I have been hosting a wrapping party for quite a few years and it is one of the highlights of my holiday season.

All ready for my friends to arrive!

All ready for my friends to arrive!

A group of girlfriends join me for the evening and we spend the night doing all our Christmas wrapping together while we munch on appetizers, listen to Christmas music and visit.

Yummy food to eat...

Yummy food to eat…

...and "wrapping gifts" for my special guests.

…and a take home “wrapping gift” for my special guests.

It was a wonderful way to get some “mom time” while still being productive during a very busy time of year.

Another busy December day…

full of laughter, song and play!

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