Tis more Blessed to give…


“It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa

Monday night was our Christmas celebration with the McCleery side of the family. We invited Toby’s mother and Aunt Beth to join us for dinner, gift exchange and gingerbread house decorating.

The kids were huge helps as we prepared for entertaining. We wrapped gifts, set the table, ran to the grocery store and made dinner and dessert.

The table all set...

The table all set…

Aunt Beth arrived first, followed by Mimi Joy. Our evening started with dinner. We had tortellini soup and fresh bread for dinner.


After dinner we got settled in the living room to exchange gifts.


The gifts that Mimi Joy brought for the kids were packaged in these cute bags. There was one bag for Ozzie and Tyler to share, one for the girls to share, and one bag for Rusty.


Toby with his stocking.

Toby with his stocking.

We took turns going around the room opening gifts. The kids were as eager to give the gifts that they had bought Beth and Joy as they were to receive the kids that were for them.

Ozzie's gift to Aunt Beth...air fresheners :)

Ozzie’s gift to Aunt Beth…air fresheners 🙂

Rusty's gift to Mimi Joy...socks!

Rusty’s gift to Mimi Joy…socks!

The kids were all tickled with the gifts they received…


The girls' new shirts

The girls’ new shirts

and beautiful new wool mittens.

and beautiful new wool mittens.

The little boys were thrilled with their gifts from Aunt Beth...a lego set for Tyler and weather books for Ozzie :)

The little boys were thrilled with their gifts from Aunt Beth…a lego set for Tyler and weather books for Ozzie 🙂

After we were done unwrapping we had dessert. We had peppermint ice cream and homemade hot fudge, topped with crushed candy canes.


After dessert Aunt Beth had to head home. She had an early morning the next day because of work. Mimi Joy  stayed and decorated gingerbread houses with us. I picked up enough pre-baked houses, icing, and candies for everyone to make a mini house. Rusty was especially thrilled since he missed the gingerbread decorating party earlier this month.






The little boys' houses.

The little boys’ houses.

Merry Christmas McCleery family!


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