The end of 2014…


After a few lazy post-Christmas days it was time for another celebration. This time we celebrated the birth of a new year. As I prepared to leave and spend the evening with dear friends, I had the chance to reflect on the passing year. What a year it was. It was filled with such blessings and happy memories but also it was a year of learning and growth for our family as a whole. It was a year that stretched us, and tried us, and also blessed us. Our family grew through adoption, there were miracles of healing, surgeries, family vacations, school struggles and triumphs. As I look back on the last 12 months I finally understand why I feel a bit worn down. We did 5 years of living in 1 year!

This was the night to celebrate our year. To reflect and ponder on the past and look with eagerness and hope toward the future. It was a time to give thanks, and count blessings, and celebrate with friends.

We were invited to the Hudak’s home. We have celebrated New Year’s Eve with them for the past few years and it always proves to be a fun time!

There was an abundance of appetizers and treats to feast on before those pesky resolutions kick in. 😉


The evening began with greetings and salutations. Food was served and the grown-ups enjoyed visiting while the kids ran off to entertain themselves. At 9:00 pm the fun began.


Last year we planned activities for the evening that were written out and placed in filled balloons. The kids would pop the balloons every 30 minutes to find out the next planned activity. They enjoyed it so much that they requested we do it again this year. So activities were planned and written out, balloons were blown up, and at 9:00 the first balloon was popped.


9:00 pm- We worked on a trivia sheet where we had to match each language’s “Happy New Year” to the country of origin. Yes it was a hard as it looks!


9:30 pm-  The next game was a “Minute to Win It” game in which we had to keep 3 balloons in the air for one minute. You wouldn’t think this would be hard but it was surprisingly challenging. Rusty came the closest at 56 seconds.

Gracie chasing a balloon...

Gracie chasing a balloon…


Molly giving chase as well... :)

Molly giving chase as well… 🙂

10:00 pm- The M & M game! This was a dice game that involved very long straws, a bowl of peanut butter M & Ms, and a whole lot of competitiveness.

The kids took turns rolling dice and trying to get a double. If you rolled a double then you got to use the straw and lung power to move M & Ms from the big bowl to your individual bowl. It was a game that combined luck and strategy.


Olivia's turn.

Olivia’s turn.

Rusty was our winner and he even (reluctantly) shared his winnings with his Dad.

Rusty was our winner and he even (reluctantly) shared his winnings with his Dad.

10:30- Heads Up!


Guess, Gracie!

“It’s kind of like a alligator…”

11:00 pm- Treat time! Woody made everyone homemade frozen Butterbeer. It was delicious!!

Here is the recipe they used:

In a blender mix…

1 quart of vanilla ice cream

1/4 c. butterscotch syrup

32 oz crème soda

1/2 c. ice

Top with whipped crème.



11:30 pm- The “Minute to win it” cup game.

Boys vs girls…

The girls won. 🙂

Rusty and Tyler working together.

Rusty and Tyler working together.

The winning move!

The winning move!

12:00 am- Time to watch the ball drop and toast in the New Year with sparkling grape juice.


5 minutes to go!

Happy New Year!


Welcome 2015!

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