A MESSY beginning to 2015


January 1st we woke the kids up with something fun (and messy) in the works…

For Ozzie’s adoption day my parents gifted our family with a family membership to the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. Since Toby was home for the day and rarely gets to join us for weekday field trips we decided to use our membership card and have a family outing. I went online to look at the hours that the Carnegie Science Center was open  (or if it was even open,)and discovered that not only was it open but there was special event going on that day- MessFest!

This is what I read:

MessFest 2015

“Join in on a truly MESSY way to kick off the New Year with MessFest! It’s gigantic, it’s messy, and it’s a unique tradition unlike any other! Get slimy, yucky, ooey, and gooey as you learn about totally messy science! Experience globs of oobleck, pie-eating races, finger painting, slime, and more.

Warning: You WILL get messy!

• Get your hands on globs of oobleck and gooey slime
• Turn an egg into an “egg-stranaut”…then launch it into the air
• Play with your food during the pi-eating race
• Concoct some sidewalk chalk to take home
• Create a masterpiece with finger-paint
• Discover some explosive reactions”

Well, who could say no to that?! So we packed ourselves up and headed to Pittsburgh for some “out of this world”, messy family fun.

Outside the Carnegie Science Center.

Outside the Carnegie Science Center.

When we got inside and checked in with our membership card we were give “Mess Aprons” for the kids.

Ready for some messy fun!

Ready for some messy fun!

Making sidewalk chalk.

Making sidewalk chalk.


Explosive chemical reactions.

Explosive chemical reactions.

Making bubble art...

Making bubble art…

Bubble art.

Bubble art.

Finger painting fun!

Finger painting fun!

After a messy day of fun we drove back home to get cleaned up and ready for our second stop of the day…a bowling party!

Friends from church open their bowling alley to our ward family every New Year’s Day for a bowling party. Everyone brings snacks and refreshments and laces up their bowling shoes for a night of fun.





IMG_7432 (2)IMG_7421


A fun start to 2015!

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