Blue and Gold Banquet- “Everything was Awesome!”


Last night was my little cubs’ Blue and Gold banquet for cub scouts. The theme was Legos, and Friday afternoon was spent preparing.

The boys were all encouraged to bring an original Lego creation in to display as the center pieces for the party. After lunch the boys were set free from school work to go create. Rusty, always eager for a chance to build, joined them.

Ozzie's creation.

Ozzie’s creation.

Rusty's plane.

Rusty’s plane.

The girls joined me in the kitchen to whip up some Lego themed treats for dessert. Thanks to Pinterest we came      up with a few fun ideas.


Gracie began the task of making Lego men heads out of full-sized and mini marshmallows  dipped in yellow chocolate. Molly then finished them by adding the faces.


Once the boys were done building they joined us back in the kitchen to make Lego block treats.

Tyler working...

Tyler working…

Molly holding the finished blocks.

Molly holding the finished blocks.

It was soon time to leave. Grace and Molly volunteered to help with decorating so we arrived at church two hours early.  There was a group of “big sisters” who took on the task of decorating the gym at church for the Blue and Gold banquet. They did a fabulous job!

The decorating team.

The decorating team.

At 6:30 the fun began. The night started with dinner…a baked potato bar. The baked potatoes were provided and the families were all asked to bring toppings to share.


There was an impressive array of desserts as well!


As everyone enjoyed dinner there were Lego man coloring sheets at each table to keep the boys busy after they were done eating.

Our family looks like we color coordinated for BLUE and gold night but it was just a happy coincindence. ;)

Our family looks like we color coordinated for BLUE and gold night but it was just a happy coincidence.  😉

Coloring time...

Coloring time…

Following dinner there were games. The kids were split into 4 teams for a relay race. The race consisted of each team member picking a Lego piece, which they had to balance on their belly as they crab walked across the gym. When they reached the next person they would have to combine their Lego pieces before the next team member would crab walk back across the gym. The kids loved it and the shout and cheers were deafening. 🙂



There was also a fun “photo booth” set up where the boys could pose as their favorite “Lego Movie” characters.


Good cop and bad cop…aka Tyler and Oz.




The night ended with awards being handed out and a  final word from one of the leaders. He sat the boys down and asked them if they had seen “The Lego Movie.” The boys eagerly answered, “yes!” He talked to the boys about the story line and the search that takes place for “The Special.” He reminded the boys that the lesson learned in the end was that each character discovered they were “The Special,” they just needed to believe it. He reminded them of the talents they each possess that make them special, and unique,  and gives them individual worth. Like the characters in the movie, they only need to believe it.


It was a wonderful way to end the evening and a profound message for each of those little boys to hear. In a world that is often tearing down and belittling the worth of our sons it was good for them to be reminded of their infinite worth.  Each one is so special.

It was a great night. In fact,

“Everything was Awesome!”

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