Pajama Parties and Pancake Day


The theme for the week was Pajamas!

If you ask my kids what the best part of being home schooled is

more than one would tell you,

“Getting to do school in your PJs!”

The real novelty then comes when we get to wear our PJs OUT…in public!   🙂

This week the kids had TWO different opportunities to put on PJs and head out into society.

The first was on Wednesday for Pancake and Pajama day at co-op. Wednesday morning was a breeze as we hustled out the door easily, since no one had to change out of their sleepwear. The easy breezy morning made me wonder why we don’t do Pajama day more often!

Ozzie and Tyler

Ozzie and Tyler

Molly and Grace

Molly and Grace

PJ kids!

PJ kids!

For lunch at co-op, rather than packing lunches like usual, the moms all brought an ingredient to have pancakes for lunch. The moms that don’t teach third period started making pancakes and set up the “buffet line.” The kids filled up on pancakes and had a great lunch!


Rusty topping his pancakes.

Rusty topping his pancakes.



On Friday evening, following our trampoline outing, the girls put on PJs once again for a stake young women activity, “Pajamarama.” I wasn’t feeling well so Toby generously offered to take the girls to their activity. The night consisted of games, food, and a devotional.



The biggest hit of the night was a life-sized Hungry Hungry Hippo game. The girls became the game pieces as they were pushed and pulled back on forth on scooters as they tried to collect “marbles.” It was a huge hit!



Other happenings this week included Ozzie’s adoption tween support group that meets once a month. The two-hour activity included dinner (They had walking tacos) and an adoption themed activity. This night they were working with the kids on how to share their adoption story. The kids were all asked to bring an object that represents their personal story. Ozzie chose to bring his adoption announcement. On his announcement it says he was in foster care for 1135 days. He wanted the kids to know that. He also wanted them to know that he will never be in foster care again…that he found his forever home.

Ozzie's adoption announcement.

Ozzie’s adoption announcement.

While Ozzie was at adoption group Toby and I had two hours to ourselves with no children! We heavily debated whether we should go out to dinner or just lean the seats back in the car and nap for two hours. We ended up going out to dinner. We both ordered a Reuben and enjoyed adult time.

This week Ozzie also got to open his birthday gifts from my parents and G.G. My mom had been holding on to them until I could make it out for a visit. I brought the gifts home with me Sunday night. He was thrilled to get the bag with his name on it. My grandma has bought each of the grandkids their own personalized bag and Ozzie was tickled to have one like the other kids.


The Lego kit was also a HUGE hit. On Thursday morning I spent hours at the garage getting my car worked on and Ozzie came with me. He set himself up in the corner and worked on his Lego set the whole time. By the time we were done he had completed his helicopter.

On Wednesday night the youth participated in Cupcake Wars. They split into teams and were each given a box of cake mix. They could doctor up the recipe however they liked and were then judged on taste and presentation. Rusty and Grace were on the same team with a few other kids and their orange twist cupcakes ended up being the winning cupcakes.


On Thursday we got an email from Gracie’s teacher asking us to send in a photo of Grace and a letter from Toby and I to be read aloud next Thursday. Gracie is being inducted into the National Honor Society and her, Toby and I will be traveling to the other side of the state for her ceremony. As part of the ceremony they needed a picture of her to put up on the screen as they read her letter. We headed outside to get a photo for her special night.

IMG_9526 (2)

Final news for the week:

We have decided to sign Ozzie up for Taekwondo. Thursday was his first class. Pictures will be coming soon. 🙂

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