Just a bunch of “Characters”


Wednesday was fandom day at co-op. The kids were encouraged to dress as their favorite book or movie character. My kids were so excited for this “theme day,” and began debating what characters they would choose in the weeks leading up to it.


The big kids decided to go with a group theme and all chose characters from Peter Pan. Can you tell who they are?


There was another fun treat at co-op this week for the 8th grade class. These kids have been together for many years and have been studying history with Miss Corrina since they were in 2nd grade. They have now finished the K-8th history course and so to celebrate their historical journey they decided to have a pizza party.

IMG_9900 (2)

Some of the older kids joined them…

IMG_9895 (2)

Miss Corrina surprised each of her students with mugs she made and ordered online. The mugs were covered with history pictures, quotes, and a photo of the class. The mug was even filled with sweet treats.  It was such a neat gift and such a sweet token of love, reflecting the hours of time and interest she has taken in her students over the last 6 years.

You could say they have a history. 😉


This week we also received good news we have been praying for. I have shared with you a bit of the challenges we have been facing with Tyler for the last six months. We had noticed that the medication that he takes for his ADHD seemed less effective. After doing a bit of research and talking to his doctor we found out that we were experiencing the same issues that many of his other patients were also dealing with because of changes that have been made to the generic version of the medication he is on. We were told that we would see the old (positive) results if we would switch to the name brand version of the same drug.

When we took the script in to be filled, however, we were told insurance only covered the generic version. The next step was for our doctor to petition the insurance company and prove that the name brand medication was medically necessary. Yesterday we received a call from the doctor that we had been approved. Today I drove over to the pharmacy to have the script filled only to discover that they didn’t have any in stock and that it would take a week to get it. After calling multiple pharmacies to see if anyone else had it in stock I learned that none of the local pharmacies have any. They all said they had to order it. When I asked why that was I was told that insurance companies don’t cover it anymore so nobody keeps it in stock.


As discouraged as I was to find out that we had to wait another week, it made me realized the great answer to prayer that approved script was. One pharmacist said to me, “I don’t know how your doctor convinced your insurance to cover the name brand. That almost never happens.”

God is good!

Here are some other happenings at Patchwork Farm:

On Sunday Grace and Rusty both stepped out of their rooms, all dressed and ready for church, at the same time. Without planning to they had inadvertently matched themselves. They looked so cute standing together I had to take a picture.


On Monday I had my card making class. I have been getting together with friends once a month at a friend’s church to make homemade cards that another friend (who sells Stampin’ Up) puts together. This month we had dinner first. Everyone brought in toppings for a salad bar. After eating we created two of each of these cards while enjoying some mom time.


This week we have also started our Easter countdown. Many years ago we purchased this Easter countdown devotional kit for the kids. They take turns opening an egg each night and seeing what symbol of the Easter story lays inside. We then read that part of the Easter story. It is a wonderful way to prepare our hearts and realign our focus during this holy season.


On Tuesday Molly pulled out this little gem… a dog costume she bought at a thrift store a few years ago thinking it could be a Halloween costume for her baby doll. It wasn’t until we were home that she realized her mistake. We got our money’s worth of laughs out of it however when she tried it on Brownie. It was now time for Ellie to model it.


Doesn’t she look thrilled?!

This week has also been spent at the DMV every evening so Gracie could practice this:




She has become a pro. I find it so funny the amount of emphasis they put on parallel parking for your driving test when it is a skill you so rarely use. I think the last time I parallel parked a car was at age 16 at my own driving test. I think a better test of skill would be how to merge into highway traffic when nobody will move over or how to maneuver through a grocery store parking lot without hitting a rolling shopping cart…

but, hey, nobody asked me. 🙂

The good news is, if I ever have to parallel park in downtown Pittsburgh I now have a pro in the car that can do it for me!

Thursday we are headed east! Brave friends are watching our other 4 children while Toby and I drive out to Philadelphia, where Gracie’s cyber school is located, for her induction ceremony into National Honor Society. We are so proud of her and we are excited for this special time we will have with our oldest daughter. We have never gone away with just one child so it promises to be a special memory making trip. Thank you, Miss Lana and Woody, for making it possible!

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