Case Closed!


My “littles” are easily thrown by change. They get nervous and anxious by a change in routine, new experiences, and the unexpected. They lived lives of uncertainty and high anxiety in their early years, as they weathered the scary road of abuse and foster care. The result of those years of uncertainty is that we always have emotional fallout whenever there is change. Something as small as a change in the time we have lunch can cause major anxiety and acting out. So when a BIG change in routine and predictability occurs

I brace myself knowing that we will have emotional fallout.

I left for my scrapbook weekend knowing that I would pay for my  absence when I returned home.

But it is ok.

Now knowing and anticipating that result makes dealing with it easier. Knowing why we deal with those results makes me more understanding.

I have two little boys who have lived lives in “fight or flight mode” for so long that any change, even good changes, send them into a hyper alert state.

The weekend away was needed and such a blessing. I left knowing that I’d pay for my absence on the other side, but it was well worth it.

When I returned home the payback began. Like a puppy traumatized by the experience of being left alone, I too was punished for leaving. The boys acted out…

Ozzie with emotional testing and Tyler with naughty behaviors.

The first incident occurred the night I arrived home. Grace was off to take a shower when she stepped back out of the bathroom and asked,

“Who cut their own hair?”

Nobody fessed up. Everyone denied their guilt. My silly boy didn’t realize that it didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to solve this mystery. The chestnut locks that littered the bathroom sink could only belong to one child…Mr. Tyler.

We called him over, examined the damage, and discovered that he had “cut” his hair with his sister’s razor, leaving a few lovely bald patches in the center of his head.

Oh the joy of parenting! 😉

IMG_0266 (2)

IMG_0265 (2)

 This incident led us into the perfect timing of a new commitment on our schedule:

Trauma support group on Monday nights.

Our adoption agency just started a new support group that we have been invited to attend. It is set up for families who have adopted traumatized or abused children. Monday was our first meeting. We arrived at the church where the support group is being held. The first 30 minutes were spent eating dinner together. They provide dinner at each meeting and this past Monday they served Pizza Hut pizza. It was a treat to not have to cook!

Following dinner the kids were taken into one room where they had games and activities planned, while the adults went into another room. The adults are taking part in a 6 week parenting course on abuse and trauma.

It was a wonderful meeting and everyone had a good time.

 Tuesday was Molly’s birthday and in addition to celebrating our special girl we also had to get ready for a bake sale. On Wednesday, at co-op, we had our annual bake sale planned to raise money for Make a Wish. The kids were all in charge of making things for the bake sale and then pricing their goodies at .25 or .50 each. They brought their spending money and bought treats too. All the money raised will be donated to the Make a Wish foundation.

This is a favorite service project that the kids always look forward to.

Tuesday the kids raided my kitchen and began baking. Tyler and Rusty worked together to make Steeler cupcakes.



On Wednesday we arrived to discover a plethora of treats. Everyone had put much time and love into raising money for this special cause. During the third hour the bake sale opened and the kids began making their purchases. By fourth hour the sugar was coursing through their veins…

making 4th period music class with Tyler an extra bouncy experience. 🙂

The bake sale was a huge success! This small group of kids baked, sold, bought and in the end

raised $104.41 for the Make a Wish foundation!



 While at co-op Molly received a birthday surprise from her dear friend Chessa. Chessa made this hat for Miss Molly. Isn’t it darling? Chessa is very talented!


We are in the midst of “March Madness” at 21st Century Cyber Charter School (Rusty and Gracie’s school.) To make things fun the teachers set up a little competition to see whose students have earned the most points with their school work. Every week the students of two teachers compete and the winning class moves on to the next round. Rusty was thrilled to show me that his class under Trisha Miller was one of the final two. There is one round left with the winning class walking away with some fun prizes.

I think Rusty will be working extra hard this week. 😉


Beware of little boys and unsupervised electronics.

The evidence of Tyler’s guilt was found on Molly’s iPod last night. He claims he never touched her iPod without her permission but thanks to some top-notch detective skills he was caught.

(I swear he thinks I’m as dumb as a rock!) 🙂

The “proof” we discovered on her device:

Ahh, brought down by…

 “The selfie!”






Case Closed!


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