All fun and games


“Learn together… pray together… work together… play together”

This is what we have adopted as our family mantra, and while not always successful, we strive to live our life by this pattern.

Saturday we had the opportunity to work on all four of these areas of our relationship as we had a “stay at home” Saturday…

a rare and wonderful treat!

The morning was spent catching up on chores, working on “fix up” projects around the house, and doing a little spring clean up in the yard. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day. No one wanted to be indoors, so much of our day was spent working on outdoor projects.

I did a little decorating and crafting. When I was out at my Mom’s house for girls’ weekend I picked up a few old board games at a thrift store for $1.00/each. I had something special planned for the scrabble board. 🙂



Another fun “game” decoration I found in Ohio.



Toby also had a “honey dew” list he was working on. One of his tasks for the day was to set up an air hockey table. Friends were getting rid of the air hockey table in their basement and we were thrilled when they offered us first dibs. Tyler was particularly thrilled when Toby came home with it. Saturday afternoon, with the help of the big kids, the table was maneuvered up the stairs to the playroom to be set up.


We promised the kids that we would have a family tournament later, after we were done working for the day.

For dinner we enjoyed our first bonfire of the year and roasted hot dogs. Grace went out with a friend for a belated birthday dinner so it was just the four youngest. It was a beautiful evening and it was so much fun being outside.

It was a beautiful spring day.

It was a beautiful spring day.

The kids coloring o the outdoor chalkboard.

The kids coloring on the outdoor chalkboard.

The sun just starting to set.

The sun just starting to set.

Tyler enjoying family time.

Tyler enjoying family time.

Time to roast hot dogs!

Time to roast hot dogs!


Winnie wants a bite!

Winnie wants a bite!

First s'more of the season.

First s’more of the season.

After dinner we moved up to the playroom for our tournament. We set up the chalkboard to keep score of who won each round.


We began with Rusty playing Molly.


Molly won!

Then Toby and I played each other.


Toby won…shocking, I know!

Then Tyler and Ozzie played against each other with Tyler winning the game.


For round two Tyler and Toby played…with Toby winning.

For the final round it was Toby vs Molly.


It was a very close game.

Molly was our final champion!


It was a fun way to end a productive Saturday at home.

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