Tyler Tales


This past week was an unusual one. We were out of our “typical” routine, as a result of…

(Cue scary music)

PSSA testing..

the bane of our existence and the source of much anxiety for the kids that were testing this week. The PSSAs are the state mandated standardized testing that is required for all students 3rd grade-8th grade. This week Molly and Ozzie had their testing. This required daily trips to the testing center which is 30 minutes away. Luckily they were able to test at the same church where our co-op is located so they at least were in familiar surroundings.


All this extra time on the road gave me some extra one on one time with Tyler, as he tagged along. It is funny how he opens up and becomes more animated when his siblings aren’t around. He becomes a regular chatterbox and is so funny! Here are some of the highlights from my time with Tyler this week…

We are dog sitting this week for two families at church that are on vacation. The kids have all enjoyed the added pups. They have been taking turns having the visitors sleep in their beds. Tyler was especially enthralled with Nevis. He is a chihuahua. Tyler loves Chihuahuas, due in part to the fact that he used to have them in his old foster home. He doesn’t call them chihuahuas, however, and no matter how many times we correct him he stands firm.

When he saw the kids walk in the door with Nevis after picking him up, Tyler squealed with delight,” Oh boy! It’s a chick-a-wa-wa! I love chick-a-wa-was!”

As he scooped Nevis up he said, “Momma, he looks just like a baby deer!”


Buddy is our other adorable visitor. 🙂


On Friday Tyler had an appointment with his therapist. Last time he met with her she was astounded at his energy and impulsiveness. She hadn’t seen him since we switched to the name brand medication and she was amazed at the difference in him. He is calmer, more attentive, can stay on task, and have a conversation. The meds are working!

After leaving the appointment we stopped at McDonalds for an ice cream cone. We had time to fill before we had to pick up Molly from testing. As we were sitting in the drive-thru, two soldiers dressed in uniform passed in front of our car. Tyler was concerned:

“Look Mom, those two men escaped from the Army!”

I reassured him that they hadn’t escaped and they were allowed to stop at McDonalds.

“Yeah, you are probably right. They are just going to order food and then go back to war.” 🙂

As we drove around town, killing time, Tyler began to take notice of the signs posted on the poles at each intersection. He asked why there were pictures of dogs and cats. I explained that people post papers like that when they lose an animal so if someone finds it they can call and get the animal back home. He was saddened by the pictures of all the lost cats and dogs and kept commenting on each one we passed. When we approached the next intersection he sighed and said in his most concerned voice,

“Awww, look, someone lost their piano.”


(It was sign for music lessons) 😉

This week was the start of soccer season. Tyler is definitely happiest and more manageable during sports seasons when he had the opportunity to run off energy. Saturday was his first game. He did a great job and his team won. It is so funny seeing him next to his teammates. He is so much bigger and stands a head taller than the rest.

IMG_1228 (2)

His favorite position to play is goalie. Here he is blocking a goal.


It was a beautiful day to sit and watch him play.


Tyler and Ozzie made some  headway this week with their relationship. They asked if they could have one on one time together. They decided to play dress up and have a fashion show, They wanted me to vote on the funniest outfits. They played well together for a  half an hour (that is HUGE for them) and had a lot of fun. I couldn’t resist taking some pictures, which they gladly posed for,


although Tyler did issue this warning,

“Momma, these pictures better not end up on Pinterest.”

IMG_1258 (2)

Oh, I love that kid! 🙂

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  1. Blah: standardised testing! But the silver lining has to be those gems of Tyler’s; we particularly enjoyed the lost piano 🙂 Best wishes for a wonderful soccer season – maybe leave the heels off when playing in goal 😀

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