Life’s a song


“Musicals: because who doesn’t want a world where everyone breaks out into song and dance”

We are in the season of high school musicals in Western PA. As a home school family we are not usually involved in the musical scene but this year Grace and Molly had friends from church performing in two of our local schools’ musicals so we decided to go and cheer them on.

On Friday night we went to Rochester’s musical. They were performing “Into the Woods.” The girls and I decided to attend this one on our own, unsure of whether the little boys would sit through the story. It was fun to have a girls’ night out. On the way to the show we listened to Molly’s cd of the “Into the Woods” soundtrack. It made us all the more excited to see the show.

When we arrived I was disappointed to realize that I forgot my camera. I had to “steal” a picture of the cast from a friend’s facebook page. Our friends, the Tames, were all involved with the production

with Zach playing Jack, Gracie’s friend, Stephanie, playing the Baker’s wife, and Heather, Molly’s friend, playing Jack’s mother.

They all did a great job and we had a lot of fun!

"Into the Woods"

“Into the Woods”

On Saturday night we drove over to Beaver High School to watch their production of “Beauty and the Beast.” The entire family attended this show. I thought the little boys would do better with this play since they were familiar with the story.





For this show Molly’s friend, Taylor, was playing a menu, and Gracie’s friend, Haley, was one of the dishes (in addition to a few other minor roles.) Both girls did a great job and the show was superbly entertaining. Even the little boys were engaged… particularly Ozzie, who watched with wonder.

beauty and the beast

Another photo “stolen” from a friend’s facebook page. 🙂

Afterwards we stayed long enough to meet and greet our favorite two stars.

Good job ladies!

Good job ladies!

All this “culture” was good for us farm folk 😉

Both shows were a lot of fun!

“Musicals take you to another world and give you a tune to carry in your head.”

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