Camp McCleery is for the Dogs!


This week it is Camp McCleery for four furry friends that we are dog sitting. Four friends asked us to watch their canine family members while they were out of town, and it just so happened that it all fell on the same week. Add our four visitors to the three dogs already living here and we have seven…yes, seven!…fur balls running around. Luckily we are a family of dog lovers and it has been a really fun, though crazy, week. All the dogs have gotten along pretty well and seem to enjoy doggy camp at Patchwork Farm.

But let’s see what they have to say as they write home 🙂

Hello Mudder- Hello Fadder

Here I am at Camp “hootNholler.”

And it’s very entertaining,

They say we’ll have some fun when it stops raining.


There are kids here-

Oh, such kids here!

Tyler calls me

little deer, here.


There are many

hands to hold us,

Even when we’d rather hide

from all the fuss. 😉

IMG_1453 (2)

We do school with

all the wee ones,

And they hold us

through their lessons.


Then when school is

finally over,

They take us out to play

in all the clover.

IMG_1410 (2)

The food here

tastes like dog mash,

for this “food” here

I wouldn’t waste cash.

IMG_1381 (2)

But the staff is

nice and clean,

and the beagle is the only one who’s “mean.”

(Grumpy, that is)  🙂


There are seven

dogs at  camp now,

big old dogs and

a “chick a wow wow.”

IMG_1524 (2)

We are having

fun with our friends,

but at night we go to sleep

in our own dens.


There is one boy

who is fox-like,

his name is Mojo

and he is Alright!


He is sweet, and

kind, and gentle,

and for enduring Ellie’s crush-

should get a medal!

IMG_1371 (2)

Sweet Jemima

hangs with Buddy.

She loves to play and

 he is cuddly.

IMG_1527 (2)

When he wants a

little lovin’

he dances, spins, and does

some friendly shovin’.


Then there’s Nevis…

he is teeny too.

He’s the piglet,

to our Winnie Pooh.


He is timid,

and so nervous

He likes hiding out

with dear, calm,  Mr. Russ Cuss!

IMG_1388 (2)

Wait a minute-

it stopped raining.

Dogs are running.

 Dogs are playing.

IMG_1428 (2)

Maybe things are

not so bad here…

Mudder, Fadder,

 kindly disregard this letter.

 dog print

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