Always causing a “Racquet”


Friday the sun came out and although it was cooler than we might of wished we decided to try to finish school by 2:00 and go outside for some vitamin D. We made plans to get together with co-op friends that live 15 minutes away and meet at the tennis court. When the kids woke up I shared the plans for the day, letting them know that the playdate would only happen if all the schoolwork for the day was completed in time. I hoped the promise of fun with friends would motivate everyone to work in a timely manner. It was even more effective than I expected…

After getting the kids started on their morning chores I hopped into the shower for a quick minute. No sooner was I fully lathered, with shampoo in my eye, that the first heavy-handed knock was heard at my bathroom door. I yelled out of the shower and asked what was needed. I strained to hear who was knocking and what they needed over the sound of running water.

It was Tyler’s voice I heard as he pressed his lips under the door,

“Momma, are you almost done? I need to do phonics!”

Needless to say that was the first, and probably the last, time Tyler has ever sought me out wanting to do school work. He returned a few more times before my shower was done. When I emerged MINUTES later he told me I was “So Slow!”

Well it turns out that Tyler misunderstood. He thought that as soon as HE was done with school we would leave for the tennis courts…

I’ll admit I manipulated this confusion to my advantage and we got his schoolwork done in record time (with no battles) then I told him the truth. He was disappointed to discover that he now had to wait for all his siblings to complete their lessons before we could leave. I must admit, though, it made for a wonderfully easy school day.

I may have to promise outings to the tennis court more often. 😉

At 2:00 we packed up bottles of water, camp chairs, balls and racquets.

A few months ago I stumbled across used tennis racquets at a thrift store near my Mom’s house. I bought them to use as decoration. At a dollar a piece I couldn’t pass them up. Surprisingly, however, we have used them quite often to play with. No one in our family “plays” tennis. We don’t even know the rules. But the kids love going to the courts and hitting the balls back and forth. It is also a great way to burn off excess little boy energy!

We met up with our friends and enjoyed about 30 minutes of tennis fun before we had to clear out for a high school tennis match.

IMG_1463 (2)

IMG_1489 (2)

IMG_1480 (2)

IMG_1468 (2)

IMG_1493 (2)

IMG_1465 (2)

Rather than ending our playdate early we walked over to the playground where the kids spent the next 1 1/2 hours playing tag and sardines.

Counting for the game of sardines.

Counting for the game of sardines.

IMG_1520 (2)

How many kids can you fit in a tube slide?

For one round Molly hid in the slide causing all the seekers to hide with her in that small space  as they discovered her one by one. The end affect was like a clown car and they filed out one by one. 🙂

After that we headed home to meet Toby. We decided to go out to Rogers, Ohio to the flea market/farm auction. We were almost there when we received a call from the scouts asking where they should pitch their tents on our property. Toby hit his forehead with the heel of his hand, in that classic “Oh crud, I can’t believe I forgot” gesture.  A few weeks ago he told the scouts that they could camp on our property but had forgotten all about it. We turned the car around and headed back home where the boys gathered tents and sleeping bags for a night of camping. I could tell that sleeping on the ground, in the cold, was the last thing Toby wanted to do after a long work week but being the trooper and great dad he is, adjusted his plans and began the process of setting up camp.

Ozzie was especially thrilled since this was his first Boy Scout camp out. The big boys had a great time but Tyler was devastated that as a cub scout he couldn’t join them. Instead he spent the evening hanging out with us “boring girls.”

By the time bedtime rolled around he was struggling. I don’t know if it was from being overly tired or not having Toby in the house, but by 11:00pm he had been tucked in a dozen times, came out of his room a dozen more, and was in tears. Out of desperation for sleep, and pity for him missing the camp out, I told him he could sleep in my bed. He was excited to sleep in Daddy’s spot, having never slept in our room before. I turned off the lights and was just starting to doze off when he spoke up…in what became thirty minutes of pre-bed chatter.

Tyler: “Momma, if a bird only had one wing could it still fly?”

Tyler:  “Momma, have you ever gone surfing? Why not?”

Tyler:  “Momma, do you snore?”

Tyler:  “Daddy says you snore. I hope you don’t keep me awake.”

Tyler:  “I don’t snore but sometimes I toot in my sleep and I may make your room stinky.”

This banter continued until he finally passed out. He woke up in the morning with his typical Tyler enthusiasm and informed me that,

“Daddy’s wrong. You didn’t snore even once!”

Thank you, Tyler.

(See, Toby)  😉

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