Off to Rogers, Ohio!


On Friday evening we downsized.

Not our home.

Not our car…

but our family. 🙂

We went from five kids to two for the night, and boy did that feel weird!


The three big kids spent Friday night with Mimi Joy, leaving us with just the two little boys. It was an interesting experience as we got a taste of what life will be like when the older bio kids leave home and it is just us and our adoptive treasures left behind. It is fun to see the “littles” interact and play when the big kids are gone. They do much better one on one and when they heard that the big kids were leaving for the night they eagerly asked if that meant they could have a slumber party. 🙂

We wanted to do something fun with the little boys and take advantage of our numbers being smaller than normal. After much debate, and after throwing around the ideas of seeing a movie or going out to dinner, we decided instead to just go out to Rodgers, Ohio for the evening.


We love Rogers!

Rogers is a huge flea market/ farm auction about 30 minutes away from us that takes place every Friday throughout the year. We don’t get out there much in the winter months but once things warm up we can be found out there most Friday nights… when Toby gets home from work. This was our first time back after a few months away.

We decided that since we were going out there that we would take George, our pygmy buck, to sale. We initially bought him to breed with Cleo, our other pygmy goat, but had no luck. Since he wasn’t really adding anything to the farmyard, and the kids weren’t really attached to him, we decided to take him to auction.

When we arrived the first thing we did was check out the livestock. The kids love looking at the animals, and even though there is nothing new or unique about what they see (after all, they do live on a farm!) they still love “window shopping.”


We noticed a few baby goats up for auction and talked about the possibility of bidding on one if the prices stayed low enough, and if we got enough from George’s sale to pay for the new addition, so that it was an even exchange.


While waiting for the auction to start we strolled around the flea market. Many of the sellers have permanent booths and we all have our favorite stops. The real fun of Rogers, however, is the hunt…

Walking up and down aisles never knowing what treasure you might stumble across.

On this particular night we found:

2 pineapples for $1.00

New windshield wipers for both vehicles for $5.00/each

A large bag of cashews for $3.00

and a free slices of watermelon.


Where else can you go and buy new tires, potted plants, DVDs, a pair of sunglasses , and a baby cow…

all in one place. 🙂

That is what I call “One Stop Shopping!”

A we walked around, Toby surprised the boys with a dollar to spend on whatever they chose. You would have thought he gave them a $100. They were so excited. Then the challenge became: what to choose!


They were especially tempted by the used matchbox cars that one booth had for sale. Both my boys are car lovers.


As it neared the time for the auction to begin we headed back to the barn. On the way Toby bought us all a hot dog for dinner. When it was time for the goats to come up for auction the boys informed me that they needed to use the bathroom. So Toby stayed to bid on animals while I did a bathroom run. When we got back the auction was almost done. Toby informed us that the goats were going for too high a price so we could go ahead and leave. I started walking toward the car when Toby started pulling us toward the office.


“Where are we going, Daddy?” the boys asked.

It was then that Toby informed them that we had to pay for our new goat.

The boys squealed with delight. They didn’t know which goat Toby had won, and they wanted to be surprised, so they closed their eyes as Toby went in to pick up the new addition.


He walked out with this sweet thing:


Oh, the boys were beside themselves.

“Molly is going to be so happy!” were Tyler’s first words.

The next words out of their mouths were, “Can I feed it first?!”

The goat is less than a week old so it will be on a bottle for a little while. When we got home they boys took turns feeding Teddy and then we tucked him into “bed.” 🙂


The boys ended up having a slumber party in the living room where they watched “Charlotte’s Web” on the couch until they fell asleep.


 It was a wonderful night with our little boys and it was fun making special memories with them

that are just their own. 🙂

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