Mother’s Day Love


What a blessed Mother’s Day!

I was spoiled by my family and felt incredibly loved!


The morning began with not so quiet whispers outside my bedroom door,

“Is she awake yet? Can I wake up Momma?”

So I emerged and was greeted by eager, enthusiastic kiddos,

a bouquet of flowers, and a pile of kid-wrapped gifts.

I felt incredibly loved as I was guided to the seat of honor and the debate began as to who got to give me their gift first. ūüôā

Such love, thought and creativity went into the gifts that the kids created for me. It was fun to open each one and see how the gift reflected the giver.

Here is a glimpse into the “Momma love” that was shown to me for Mother’s Day 2015.

Rusty surprised me with a candygram-

A heartfelt letter written on paper with candy bars replacing some of the words in the note.


Here is his letter:

“We wanted to show our appreciation by giving you 100 Grand but the money slipped through our Butterfinger.It was not PayDay so we couldn’t give you a shopping Spree in New York. We thought about an Orbit around the MilkyWay but that would cost Extra so we just made you this card.

Love, Rusty, Ellie, Winnie, Brownie¬†and Teddy”


Molly’s gift was a thoughtful expression of love. She gave me a certificate for her to do my nails, but she also gave me a gift I will forever treasure…

A stack of sealed letters written by her,

to open over the course of the next year.

On the outside of each envelope was a description of when I should read the letter. Here are the notes on the outside of the letters that correspond with the message inside:


“Open when you need to know how much I love you.”

“Open when you are feeling mad.”

“Open when you need to feel better about yourself.”

“Open when you need to feel encouraged.”

“Open when you’ve had a bad day.”

“Open when you need a smile.”

“Open when you are feeling sad.”

“Open when you need to know that you are doing a great job as a mom.”

I look forward to opening each of Molly’s letters and know they will be a special treasure forever.

Gracie’s gift came wrapped up in a tube. On it was a tag that read:

“I know that we often track mud through the house, but know that¬†your 5 muddy footprints love you!”


Inside was a floor mat that Gracie had personalized by painting each kid’s foot and stamping it on the mat with fabric paint. It was so thoughtful and creative and will forever be cherished!

Gracie also gave me a certificate for an ice cream date. She told me that she will drive me and treat me to ice cream, just her and I. I can’t wait!

The little boys also had a surprise for me. With Gracie’s help they made me an “All about Mom book.” Gracie¬†asked them questions and then recorded their answers on index cards which she placed in a photo album. As I read their answers I laughed and I cried. It was such a gift! And it was so special to see the boys so eager and proud of their Mother’s Day gift.


Here are some of the questions they answered in the books:

What is Mom’s favorite color?

Tyler: Purple   Ozzie: Red

What is Mom’s favorite food?

Tyler: Donuts    Ozzie: Chicken

How old is Mom?

Tyler: 27   Ozzie: 29

How tall is Mom?

Tyler: 5 feet   Ozzie: 7 feet

What is the best thing Mom cooks?

Tyler: Mac N’ Cheese¬†¬† Ozzie: Pumpkin Chili

What is Mom’s favorite song?

Tyler: Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree   Ozzie: Any Rock Music

What is Mom’s favorite flower?

Tyler: Tulips   Ozzie: Dandelions

How much do you love Mommy?

Tyler: A lot!    Ozzie: To the end of the Solar System!

How blessed I am!!

After opening gifts and getting hugs and kisses from all my treasures we left for church. The spoiling continued as I was treated to a special surprise: Tyler and Ozzie (and the other primary kids)¬†serenading me and all the other mothers¬†as part of a¬†Mother’s Day¬†musical number. At church the boys also decorated tiles to give me as a Mother’s Day gift.

The afternoon was spent relaxing and enjoying time outside as a family.

Piggy back races

Piggy back races

Crab races...

Crab races…

IMG_2523 (2)

Water balloon toss...

Water balloon toss…

IMG_2474 (2)

It was a perfect day.

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