Mural Club Outing- Part 2 “A Day at the Chocolate Factory”


There they stood, side by side…

best friends…

partners in crime…

with their matching hairnets,

and I couldn’t help but think of the old I Love Lucy episode:


Only this time rather than Lucy and Ethel,

it was Olivia and Grace 🙂

IMG_3752 (2)


Katie and Lana:

IMG_3786 (2)

Ready for a day of fun at Hershey’s Chocolate World.

After visiting their school in the morning, we drove to Hershey, PA where we made our own candy bars and took a trolley ride back in time…

and the rest, as they say, “was HISTORY!”

We began at the “Create your own Candy Bar” experience, where we put on hair nets and aprons. The activity began with an instructional safety video.

IMG_3753 (2)

From there we created the recipe of our candy bar by picking the type of chocolate we wanted and the “inclusions” we wanted to add to the bar.

IMG_3757 (2)

From there we moved to the factory line where we watched the creation of our candy bars.

IMG_3770 (2)

IMG_3777 (2)

After the candy bars were assembled we moved into the design studio to create our packaging while the chocolate bars cooled.

IMG_3793 (2)

Finally we picked up our completed candy bars.

IMG_3798 (2)

Our next stop was a trolley ride back in time to learn more about the story of Hershey, Pa and the man who made it possible.

We began by boarding a trolley.

IMG_3820 (2)

Leading our tour was a young woman who told the story of Milton Hershey as we drove through the town. The first stop was the home he built for his wife, “Kitty.” We also visited the original factory, the boys’ school he opened (that is still in service today), and other sites around the town.

At each stop we had a character step aboard and share part of Milton Hershey’s story, as seen through their eyes. We had visits from Milton’s father and mother, an orphan boy from the boy’s home, a soldier recently returned from war, and a Swedish chef from the Hershey Hotel.

IMG_3831 (2)

IMG_3842 (2)

Each stop brought laughs as well as astounding information about Milton Hershey.

I had no idea what an amazing man he was. We learned about his humble beginnings, his perseverance through multiple failed business attempts, his tenacity and strength through the Great Depression as he worked to make sure not one man in town was unemployed, his love of children and the school he built for orphaned boys that still is serving the needs or the underprivileged today, and his amazing business sense as he created the largest chocolate company in the world.

What an amazing man!

Throughout the tour there were also “sing alongs” with the different characters that boarded the trolley to tell their story. We sang songs (from a song sheet provided) like, “A bicycle built for two” and “Sentimental Journey.”

IMG_3822 (2)

Many of the characters also handed out Hershey candy samples with their stories…

A brown bag of treats being passed around the bus.

A brown bag of treats being passed around the bus.

It was an informative and entertaining tour, and we all left feeling inspired by this amazing man and his story.

It was a “SWEET” day,

but it wasn’t over yet!

(Part 3 still to come – Painting with a Twist.)

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