Mural Club Outing – Part 3 “Painting with a Twist”


After a fun afternoon at Hershey

the fun continued..

We drove back to the hotel where we had dinner in the lobby. On Wednesday evenings the hotel offers a “Manager’s dinner.” They were serving free pizza and drinks for their guests from 5:00-7:00. It worked out perfectly. We enjoyed a free dinner and had enough time to get to our final activity of the day:

Painting With a Twist!

IMG_3852 (2)

When we saw this sign down the road from our hotel we decided to go online and check it out. We discovered that they had openings for their Wednesday night class, so we decided to sign up.

When we arrived we were greeted with this sign:


Sounds good! 🙂

We found our seats. Before us lay a white canvas, paints, a glass of water and a small and large brush. We put on painting aprons and prepared to paint.

IMG_3854 (3)

Our teacher, Jeffrey, was a great teacher. He led us through the creation of a landscape, one step at a time. He made the process fun and it wasn’t the least bit intimidating.


The class lasted two hours with breaks along the way to allow for the paint to dry between steps.

IMG_3862 (2)

It was so much fun! When we finished our paintings we commented on how different each of our finished paintings were. It was fun to see the variety in our paintings when we all sat through the same class.

Everyone did a great job.

IMG_3882 (2)

IMG_3887 (2)

When the class was over we drove back to the hotel where we stayed up late visiting in bed. The girls wanted to play “Truth or Dare.” It turned into a game of “Truth” as they girls took turns asking the moms questions about their teenage years and we reciprocated by asking our girls questions about their hopes and dreams. It was a wonderful way to end…

“The Best Day Ever!”

It made me grateful to have such a special daughter and such wonderful friends.

“Today was a good day to have a GREAT day!”

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