Mural Club Outing – Part 4 “The Grand Finale”


   “Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take risks.”         

Our fun and fabulous 48 hour vacation ended with the reason we came in the first place:

Mural Painting.

After checking out of out hotel room we drove over to the school to meet up with some of the other students in the mural club. When we arrived the mural that Gracie designed was already sketched onto the wall and the Tuesday group of students had already begun painting it.

IMG_3733 (2)

There were seven students from the mural club who showed up to paint, along with the two teacher advisors.

We won for traveling the farthest. 😉


The kids spent three hours painting, breaking for snacks every now and then.


The kids all worked hard to make a beautiful mural for the school wall.


They also painted their hands to make handprints on canvases that will hang on either side of the finished mural with their names an it.


The final step was to add the school name and logo to the computer screen in the center of the mural. It was only fitting that Grace add this final touch, since it was her design.

It was neat to see her black and white sketch come to life

with bold colors on the wall.


And then they were done!

IMG_3907 (2)

A beautiful school mural and three days of unforgettable memories.

IMG_3920 (2)

“Art is an adventure that never ends.”

Here’s to another grand adventure!

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