Wal-Mart Scavenger Hunt


A few days ago we pulled the first activity out of our Summer Bucket List.

It was a Walmart scavenger hunt.

This idea was added to the bucket by the girls. A few years ago I planned a Walmart scavenger hunt for the young women at church. They had so much fun that they decided they wanted to try it again, as a family.

Since I have my card making class this Monday evening we decided to do “Family Night” a few days early and it was the perfect opportunity to cross an item off our summer wish list…

So off to Walmart we went!

When we arrived we split the kids into teams:

Team 1:

IMG_4043 (2)

and Team 2:

IMG_4046 (2)

We went over the rules:

(No running, no leaving the store, stay together, don’t disturb other customers)

Then we set a time limit. We agreed to meet back at the starting location in 45 minutes.

Each team was given the same list of 20 items to find.  Once they found an item they had to take a picture of their teammates with the item.

We went over the list of items together. Then we set them free.

 Some items on the list included:

1. Get a picture of your team “mascot.” (An item that describes your team)

"You need Ice for that burn?"

“You need Ice for that burn?”

2. Get a picture of a food that no one in your group has ever eaten.

IMG_4051 (2)

Savory Delight dog food- yum.

3. Get a picture of something that fits this description, “Most people buy this item at least once a month.”

IMG_4057 (2)

I would say it is fair to say we probably buy more of this than the average family. 🙂

4. Get a picture of your group staging a battle scene.

IMG_4065 (2)

P1010618 (2)

5. Get a picture of a “defective product.”

P1010610 (2)

Anything found in the “As seen on TV” section of the store.

6. Get a picture of a book that everyone has read.

P1010612 (2)

A favorite of the big kids…

7. Get a picture that meets this description, “It used to swim in water, now it doesn’t.”


Just our luck- a dead, floating fish. 😉

8. Get a picture of something “odd but fitting.”

P1010625 (2)

That sword is a little “Sharpie.”

9. Get a picture of everyone in the group wearing the same article of clothing.

IMG_4067 (2)

Well it was a close race, and both teams had a blast

but the winning team was….

*Drumroll please*

IMG_4043 (2)

We ended “Family Night” with a stop for ice cream for our Family Night treat.

IMG_4105 (2)


What a fun night!

The Winners!

The Winners!

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