“Sealed” with a kiss and I’m not “Lion!”


On Saturday we docked in Nassau, Bahamas

and I participated in one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

At the end of the day I turned to Toby and said,

“I think this might be the neatest thing I’ve ever done!”

He looked at me, grinned, and mockingly replied,

“Really?!  Better than adoption days? Better than the birth of you first child? Better than our wedding day??”

Okay, maybe it didn’t top those big life milestones

but it was a very close second…

We spent the day swimming with Sea Lions!!!!

Our excursion time was set for 8:30 am. At our set time we exited the ship and followed a crew member to the port where we boarded a ferry that took us to our destination for the day: Blue Lagoon Island.

IMG_4506 (2)

IMG_4303 (2)

We boarded the boat for a thirty minute ride.

IMG_4305 (2)

Along the way we stopped at another dock where we picked up about 100 primary school children. They all filed up to the top deck where we sat. They all wore St. Joseph Primary School T-shirts. They were a delightful group and made the trip a lot more fun. They sang along to the Bahamian music that was playing over the speakers. The teachers danced in the aisles. It was a joy to witnesses such a joyful group!

IMG_4325 (2)

Our view as we traveled to the island:

IMG_4328 (2)

Doesn’t it look too pretty to be real?!

IMG_4405 (2)

When we arrived we were led to the Sea Lion encounter area where took part in a safety briefing and and information session. We learned all about Sea Lions, how they differ from Seals, and more about the rescue/rehabilitation process on the island.

IMG_4343 (2)

IMG_4344 (2)

They have nine Sea Lions in their program, including the Sea Lion who played in the movie, “Andre.” We were able to swim and interact with him and three others.


After the education portion of our experience we were taken to the “Meet and Greet” area where we were able to interact with these charming animals out of water. It was here we were able to hug and kiss them and have photo opportunities…





Then we got into the water with them:


Here we were able to interact with them in a more playful way as they swam with us, did tricks, and played games. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience!

IMG_4386 (2)

IMG_4348 (2)

IMG_4360 (2)

After our class was over we had the rest of the day to explore the island, swim, and relax before we had to return to our cruise ship at 5:00pm for departure.

The island was small and quiet with few people visiting. We found an empty stretch of beach where we set up “camp” for the day…

IMG_4440 (2)

A grove of hammocks to sleep the day away...

A grove of hammocks to sleep the day away…

IMG_4423 (2)

Here was my view!

Here was my view!

It was so relaxing and just what we were hoping for on this trip:

A chance to sit and be still.

Where we spent the remainder of the day...

Where we spent the remainder of the day…

“Sometimes you just need a break in a beautiful place, with someone you love, to just…Be.”

IMG_4450 (2)

At 4:00 we boarded the ferry-boat back to Nassau.

As we were waiting in line to show our passports to leave Nassau we saw these horse-drawn carriages that take visitors around the island. I thought they were charming.

IMG_4540 (2)

Then I saw the horse pulling the carriage and I died!

IMG_4544 (2)

I wish they were selling the straw horse hats and I would have bought one for George.

Wouldn’t he look divine?!

It was another magical day in Paradise!

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