Meanwhile back at home…



Back at Home:

While we were celebrating our anniversary and Toby’s 40th birthday out on the open seas,

the kids were making memories with Mimi Joy.

P1010715 (2)

Mimi leaves in a week to serve an 18 month mission. Having her agree to watch the kids served a double purpose…

we could escape for some much needed together time

and she could make some final memories with her grandchildren before she leaves.

It was such a blessing having Grace there as a driver. She was able to take the kids up to the house each day so they could take care of animals and the garden

P1010655 (2)

and so Mimi Joy could have some time to get things done around the house without the little boys under foot.

P1010754 (2)

Joy had her hands full with house projects and a long “to do” list of things to be accomplished before she leaves,

so the kids all pitched in to help with projects like taking down shelving and painting walls.


Working hard or sleeping hard?

I know Mimi Joy was grateful for their diligence and willingness to pitch in.

Gracie and Molly also helped out by keeping the little boys occupied and out from underfoot by planning games and activities. They bought water balloons and had a water balloon battle one day…

P1010777 (2)

P1010782 (2)

and did chalk drawings another afternoon.

P1010751 (2)

P1010767 (2)

They had fun showing off their culinary skills and making meals for all to enjoy.

P1010718 (2)

I was so proud of all the kids and how well they did.

I know it was a struggle for Ozzie to hug us goodbye at the airport, not trusting that we would return.

P1010669 (2)

I know it was hard for Tyler to be apart from Toby and the routine of home.

P1010650 (2)

I know all the kids made an effort to be helpful and make Mimi’s last week home extra special.

Everyone did really well.

P1010698 (2)

I’m so glad Mimi and the kids got this sweet memory making time together before a long stretch apart.

Thanks, Mimi!

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