DC Cupcakes


“A cupcake is happiness with icing on top.”

IMG_5774 (2)

Our trip ended, as every good meal does, with dessert!

After reading about Georgetown Cupcakes in a friend’s blog (Thanks Karissa) I knew it needed to be our final stop.

Home of the TLC reality show, “DC Cupcakes,” it is located in Georgetown.


We arrived an hour before closing, found a parking spot, and enjoyed strolling through downtown Georgetown.

We found the bakery easily enough and then waited for 30 minutes to get inside to order.

The line to get inside stretched down the sidewalk.

IMG_5776 (2)

As we waited we looked up the menu on Toby’s phone

deciding what we would order before we got to the counter.

Once inside the kids posed beneath the cupcake menu, pointing to their cupcake choices.

IMG_5781 (2)

At $3.00 a cupcake it was one of the more affordable treats we ran across in Washington DC…

IMG_5787 (2)

and they were delicious!

They came packaged in the iconic pink packaging of DC Cupcakes.

IMG_5794 (2)

IMG_5795 (2)

We ate outside, enjoying the cooler temperatures of evening, and the fun atmosphere of the city.

IMG_5793 (2)

The cupcakes were sweet…

but the company was sweeter.

IMG_5797 (2)

You know life is good when you can:

“Have your cupcake and eat it too.”

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