Great Falls National Park


“And the air is full of the roar

And the thunderous voice of waters.” IMG_5930 (2)

One of our excursions while in Washington DC was to Great Falls Park.

IMG_5836 (2)

Mimi Joy took us to this National Park five years ago on our way to Thanksgiving in Virginia and we were so impressed that we wanted to visit again and take the two little boys.

IMG_5841 (2)

We began on the Virginia side of the falls. Here we began our visit in the visitor’s center where we learned more about the history of the gorge, the falls, and the canals that were built here under George Washington’ presidency.

IMG_5818 (2)

IMG_5830 (2)

IMG_5831 (2)

While the Virginia side is pretty, it is nothing compared to the Maryland side of

“The Niagara of the South.”

So next we drove 20 minutes around the gorge, crossing the Potomac river, to get to the opposite side of the falls.

It is here you can see the locks of the original canal system built during the late 1700’s.

IMG_5872 (2)

The scenery was breathtaking (even with the muddy waters caused by recent heavy rains.)

IMG_5891 (2)

The walk out to main falls took us along wooden foot paths and over a series of smaller falls.

IMG_5890 (2)

We finally reached the main falls.

IMG_5904 (2)

Here we took pictures of the big kids in the same spot

they were in 5 years earlier when we visited.

kids at falls

IMG_5898 (2)

Now all the kids…

IMG_5899 (2)

As we stood looking over the falls it was hard to believe we were only minutes away from a major metropolis. We felt like we were tucked into the deep wilderness,

IMG_5861 (2)

not outside the nation’s capital.

IMG_5942 (2)

It truly was “Breath-Taking!”


“There is pleasure in the pathless woods.

There is rapture in the lonely shore.

There is society where none intrudes.

By the deep sea and music in its roar.

I love not man the less

But nature more.”

– Lord Byron

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