Guess who is 40?!


Toby is officially the big 4-0!

IMG_5988 (2)

While the cruise was his birthday celebration from me,

the kids wanted to celebrate his special day with him on his actual birthday..

So on Tuesday, the day after returning from Washington DC, the kids had a planning meeting and cooked up some big plans for their Daddy’s birthday.

They decided that they wanted to make him dinner (all by themselves.)

They came up with a menu, split up the responsibilities, and went out shopping for supplies.

They also decided they wanted to do something meaningful for his birthday gift from them

so they stopped at the Dollar Store to buy the supplies for the

“40 Things we love about YOU” basket they were creating.

When they returned home the first thing they worked on was the gift. While at the dollar store everyone picked out 6-7 items that represented something they love about their Daddy. They attached these affirmations to each dollar store gift.

All the labeled gifts then were put in a basket with a tag that read “40 things we love about YOU!”

IMG_5956 (2)

Then it was time to begin dinner preparations.

It was decided that Molly and Ozzie would prepare the entree,

Rusty would be in charge of the side dishes,

and Grace and Tyler would make Toby’s birthday dessert.

Molly and Ozzie got started on dinner. They decided to make shish kabobs.

IMG_5978 (2)

Rusty began preparations on the salad and corn on the cob, and set the table.

Gracie began peeling peaches (with Molly’s help) for peach cobbler…Daddy’s favorite!

IMG_5961 (2)

They decided that they wanted to make homemade ice cream to go with the peach cobbler. I helped Tyler mix up the recipe and then he and Rusty headed out to the front porch with the hand crank ice cream machine to crank the cream into ice cream.

IMG_5970 (2)

Dinner was delicious!

IMG_5993 (2)

The kids all did a great job and I know Toby was touched by the thoughtfulness and love they showed him through their efforts.

IMG_6009 (2)

After a tasty dessert of peach cobbler and homemade ice cream the kids presented Toby with his gift. They watched with glee as he removed each item from the basket and read the tags declaring their love for him.

IMG_6008 (2)

It was a perfect way to celebrate a wonderful father on his 40th birthday.

IMG_5997 (2)

Happy birthday, Toby!

IMG_5989 (2)

We love you!

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