Saying goodbye to Mimi Joy


It is always hard coming back from a vacation.

It feels like you jump right back into life at full speed without any chance to get your bearings…

at least that has been our experience this past week.

We arrived home Monday night and began Tuesday with a series of appointments and errands.

This week was filled with camp preparations as we packed up Rusty for Boy Scout camp and began making our packing piles for Young Women Camp the following week.

Rusty left this morning and will be gone until Saturday. He is so excited and I am so excited for him!

This week the big kids also spent their days working for Toby. He needed extra laborers and so he asked the three oldest kids if they would be interested in being hired for the week to work for him. This is the first time they have done this but it worked out well. Toby appreciated having good workers and the kids loved earning some spending money.

This week was also Mimi Joy’s last week at home before she leaves for an 18 month full-time mission to Missouri. During that time we won’t see her and our primary means of communication will be in the form of letters and emails as she devotes her time and energy into serving the Lord.

So this week was spent helping her wrap up that last of the details before she leaves. She will be renting her house so she has been working to pack her things away in a storage unit. On Saturday we stopped by to help move a few things and spend some time with her helping with the last few things on her “to do” list.

IMG_6013 (2)

While there the kids helped “harvest” the blueberries that were weighing down her blueberry bush.

They were very happy to help . 🙂

IMG_6038 (2)

They also visited Aunt Beth and helped “harvest” some of her raspberries.

IMG_6040 (2)

When we left the bushes were lighter and their stomachs were fuller!

On Sunday Mimi Joy spent the night with us. Her plane was scheduled to leave early the following morning. Her house is now empty and so having her spend the night here just made sense…

Plus the kids were eager to spend a little more time with Mimi before she left. We had a great scripture/devotional time as a family and some special time visiting. The kids commented on the changes that would occur while she was gone, calculating what their ages would be when she returned. I’m sure the kids will have all grown in spirit and stature by the time she returns.

This led to a discussion on the recent growth that has occurred in all the kids…

Particularly the emotional growth seen in the little boys

and the impressive physical growth seen in Rusty.


Rusty has shot up and has surpassed both his “big sisters” in height. Grace and Rusty were comparing hand and feet sizes and we had to laugh as we remembered the days when Grace would carry Rusty around on her hip.

IMG_6048 (2)

Rusty is going to be a big boy. At 13 he is already in a men’s size 13 shoe.

Grace and Rusty: shoe to shoe!

Grace and Rusty: shoe to shoe!

Tyler will not be far behind him. At 8 years old he wears the same size shoe as his 17-year-old sister. 🙂

IMG_6055 (2)

As we consider all that the next 18 months will hold for our family

it is exciting.

It is exciting to see Mimi Joy enter this new chapter of her life as she follows God’s calling for her,

and it is exciting to ponder what the next year and a half might hold for the rest of our family.

IMG_6058 (2)

It promises to be grand adventure!

“As we lose ourselves in the service of others

we discover our own lives and our own happiness.” -Uchtdorf

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