Swimming lessons


One of my goals this summer was to get the boys into swimming lessons.

Last year we considered enrolling them, but at the time we were dealing with bigger issues than water safety.

We were trying to blend a family and dealing with all the challenges of that adjustment.

This summer we are in a much better place as a family and that newly found stability affords us the time and ability to focus on some of those other needs…

like teaching Ozzie to swim. 🙂

IMG_7105 (2)

Both of our adopted sons came to us without any formal swim training. Neither had taken lessons before.

IMG_7264 (2)

Tyler, however, was a fairly strong swimmer as a result of his former foster family having a pool, as well as his natural athletic ability.

Ozzie can’t swim at all and that makes me nervous.

He can’t even float.

His lack of body fat cause him to sink right to the bottom of the pool…

(I don’t know what that’s like) 😉

In September we are vacationing on a houseboat with friends for a week and my goal is that his swimming skills will improve enough that I’m not quite so nervous about him spending the week on the water.

Since I was signing up Ozzie for lessons I decided to go ahead and sign up Tyler too. Although Tyler taught himself to swim well enough to be safe in the water

he never had the formal training to learn different swim strokes,

so they were both enrolled.

IMG_7097 (2)

On the day of enrollment I called early and was thrilled to find out that since we were one of the first 50 people to enroll

the boys’ lessons would be free…

What a blessing!

So this Monday their lessons began.

IMG_7270 (2)

The class they are both in is for students 6-12 years old with a variety of swimming ability. There are about 10 boys in their class and one little girl. (Poor thing!)

Tyler is the strongest swimmer of the group, Ozzie the weakest, but both are LOVING it and improving greatly. It is fun that they can share this experience together.

IMG_7269 (2)

While they are taking their 45 minute lesson the older kids and I park ourselves on a picnic bench where I work with them on their summer lessons.

IMG_7273 (2)

When the boys are done they join us.

Since our pool is 30 minutes from home it isn’t worth driving home for the hour slot between the completion of lessons and the opening of the pool for the day, so we have been packing a lunch and our summer school supplies and doing school while we wait for the pool to reopen.

During this time the kids do their daily journal entries, Tyler does a phonics lessons, we do math fact practice with math minute sheets, do a page of cursive handwriting practice, as well as work on states and capitals with some educational games we own.

IMG_7276 (2)

Summer time schedules allow us the ability to work on some skills that I see needing extra reinforcement or practice that we don’t always have time to work on during the school year with all our daily school assignments.

The two hours of school time we have every morning in the summer keeps skills fresh for my kids that struggle with learning disabilities and have IEPs, as well as gives those who don’t a jump start on the next school year.

It is a win/win.

At 12:00pm the kids are allowed to pack up their books for the day and enjoy 2 hours of swimming at the pool.

IMG_7121 (2)

The little boys have had fun “practicing” together the skills they learned earlier during their swim class.

Although it has been a pretty cool/rainy summer we have been blessed to get quite a bit of swimming in.

Swimming lessons continue for another week and will end next Friday.

Until then this is our life.

Ahhh, I love summertime. 🙂

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