A gift stitched with love


There is nothing more meaningful than a handmade gift.

Those possessions I own that I treasure most are not the things that could be purchased at a store or ordered online…

they are those gifts that hold a piece of the person who labored with love to create them.

Not only gifts of love,

handmade gifts are a gift of time, and talents, and creativity as the giver takes a piece of their life and a gives it to you.

It is for this reason I treasure gifts made by the hands of those I love.

Ozzie received a special gift of love in the mail this week from my Grandma and Aunt Jane.

He received his quilt.


Each of the kids have a special treasured gift made for them by my grandmother. She is a quilter and when we moved to Patchwork Farm (and they each got to move into their own bedrooms) she made them a quilted wall hanging for their rooms.

Each one was made with thoughtful consideration of the receiver and reflects each child’s personality.

Gracie's quilt

Gracie’s quilt

Molly's quilt

Molly’s quilt

Rusty's quilt

Rusty’s quilt


G.G. quilted a picture of Rusty into his wall hanging.

Last year after Tyler was adopted he received his love quilt in the mail.

IMG_7704 (2)

Tyler’s quilt

Each child’s quilt is proudly displayed.

This week Ozzie received his quilt created by G.G. and Jane. They couldn’t have picked a more perfect theme for my construction/machinery loving boy. It was PERFECT!

What a beautiful labor of love by two of the most  talented and generous people I know.

Thank you so much!

You made Ozzie’s day!


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