Pictures of our weekend


Our weekend was a full one as the girls spent theirs at youth conference with friends and leaders from church. The theme for the weekend: “Anchored in Christ.”

Here are some of Gracie’s snapshots from her travels with Molly:






10402014_10153448990393480_659580994643980025_n (2)

While the girls were gallivanting around western New York we were playing in Ohio.

On Friday we drove out to the Homestead to visit my parents for the day for some fun “grandsons only” time. It was a lazy, relaxed day as the boys played and went swimming, and I visited with my mom as we crafted and made cards. We were only able to stay a few hours before I had to make the 2 1/2 hour trek back home

but we fit a lot of fun into our short time together…

Arriving at the Homestead.

Arriving at the Homestead.

Mom and Dad's new covered porch.

Mom and Dad’s new covered porch.

IMG_7565 (2)

IMG_7570 (2)

Enjoying rootbeer floats for dessert.

IMG_7576 (2)

IMG_7584 (2)

IMG_7595 (2)

On Saturday the boys were invited to a friend’s birthday party. Melanie, a little girl in Ozzie’s class at church, was having her 11th birthday party and she invited our boys to come. It was a mini golf party at Frontier Falls, a beautiful mini golf course near us. The boys had a blast! After a round of mini golf they served pizza and cake. It was a very fun party!

IMG_7658 (2)

Tyler was a little sweat head in the 90+ degree temperatures.

Tyler was a little sweat head in the 90+ degree temperatures.

The birthday girl

The birthday girl

IMG_7634 (2)

IMG_7600 (2)

IMG_7639 (2)

IMG_7674 (2)

While we were at the birthday party Toby stayed home and got some more work done on our school bus renovation. The seats are now all pulled out leaving and empty shell and a blank canvas for the design to begin. We have finally decided on a layout for the bus. After much sketching and redesigning I think we have come up with the best use of space and the most efficient way to sleep 8 in our school bus turned RV.

Sketching blueprints..

Sketching blueprints..

After the seats were pulled up the first job was tarring the floor and covering the tar in new sheets of plywood to reinforce the floor and give Toby a base to connect everything to.

All tarred...

All tarred…

Next step is cutting all the boards for the hardwood floor.


We are also in the process of planning our route for our trip out west next summer. We plan on hitting some of the big national parks and need to decide what sites to see so we can book our campsites for next summer. If you have any suggestions on “must see” stops feel free to make suggestions. We are looking for input! 🙂

After we returned home from the birthday party we got to work on yard work. After my week away at camp the yard was looking like a jungle and needed some serious attention. It is amazing how things fall apart when you are gone for a week.  It was so nice to be able to tackle the task of cleaning up the yard and porch!

IMG_7736 (2)

IMG_7818 (2)

We were even able to harvest a huge basket of produce from the garden. Thanks to this rainy summer things are growing very well!

IMG_7758 (2)

As the day turned to evening the temperatures began to drop and all the critters became more social, coming out to greet us and say “hello.”



Ellie and Stripey...BFFs!

Ellie and Stripey…BFFs!

IMG_7806 (2)

IMG_7759 (2)

At 6:00 Toby picked up the girls who had returned from youth conference. It was so nice having them home again and hearing all about their adventures.

IMG_7728 (2)

IMG_7714 (2)

Ellie missed Molly while she was away.

Our house has felt a bit like Grand Central Station with everyone coming and going this summer.

We have everyone home for a few days and then Rusty will leave again with the boy scouts for his High Adventure trip. They will be leaving Thursday for a few days of cave exploring, rappelling and white water rafting.

It is sure to be an ADVENTURE!

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