Birthday Party in a Bottle


The question was, “How do we celebrate a special birthday, for a special lady, when we are miles apart?”


Next week is Mimi Joy’s birthday and this year we can’t celebrate with our usual birthday celebration.

We can’t take her out to dinner.

We can’t bake her a cake.

But we wanted her to know that she was loved and thought of on her special day,

soooooo… we sent her a

“Birthday Party in a Bottle!”

When the girls suggested it I knew it was the perfect “Plan B.”

First stop was to the Dollar Tree to buy our party supplies. We wanted to include everything she would need to have a birthday celebration with her missionary companion. We bought cake mix and icing, party decorations, balloons, birthday candles, noise makers, candy, some pampering treats for her to enjoy, and a gift card for a pizza dinner.


The most important item we bought, however, was the BOTTLE! Dollar Tree sells 3 liter bottles of soda as opposed to the 2 liter bottles sold at most other stores.

When we arrived home we began making our “birthday party in a bottle.”

Step 1: Make birthday cards for Mimi. Everyone decorated birthday cards with special messages inside.

IMG_7826 (2)

Step 2: Prep the soda bottle. Before we could fill the bottle we had to empty the bottle. We poured the root beer into another container to drink later and rinsed out the bottle.


Step 3: Remove the label and cut a slit in the side of the bottle. (vertically)

Step 4: Using the slit to access the inside of the bottle, dry the bottle out well, leaving no moisture.

Step 5: Then the fun begins…Time to pack it! Pack the bottle tightly and strategically using every bit of available space you can. It is amazing all you can fit in the bottle.


Step 6: When the bottle is filled, tape the slit closed with clear packing tape.


Step 7: Cover the slit with a colorful piece of card stock. On this you can write the address of who it is going to

as well as a birthday message for the birthday girl.

By covering the taped slit you leave the recipient puzzling over how you fit all that birthday fun down the small neck of the bottle.

Step 8: Mail it! Just as it is. The post office will weigh it and put the postage directly on the bottle making for a really fun, unusual package to get in the mail.

IMG_7854 (2)

And that is it.

A birthday party in a bottle: the next best thing to being there!

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