Water and Fire


Water and Fire…

two of our favorite forms of entertainment during the summer months!

IMG_8305 (2)

On Saturday night we had fun with both when we invited our co-op friends over for some slippery fun followed by a bonfire.

Due to the craziness of summer schedules many of the co-op families (past and present) were unable to join us, but we did get to have fun with the Hudaks, Caylors, Holts and McCreadys.

IMG_8330 (2)


The kids enjoyed catching up with friends and showing off our newly acquired school bus. 🙂

Earlier in the day a friend posted a video on facebook of a slip and slide kickball game. It looked like so much fun we decided to make it the keynote entertainment for the night. We already had the bulk of the materials needed.

IMG_8319 (2)

We laid out the kick ball diamond in the center of the yard with plastic serving as the path from base to base. Small kiddie pools filled with water served as the bases. The last thing needed was a bottle of baby shampoo to make things exciting!

IMG_8450 (2)

The slip and slide kickball game was a hit,

IMG_8355 (2)

IMG_8363 (2)

IMG_8429 (2)

IMG_8466 (2)

IMG_8397 (2)

IMG_8338 (2)

and the adults had as much fun watching the game as the kids did playing it.

IMG_8530 (2)

After the kids had finished their game everyone gathered around the fire to dry off and enjoy s’mores and other snacks.

IMG_8541 (2)

When the sun finally set we got out the glow sticks and the kids played night games while the adults enjoyed visiting around the fire.

IMG_8548 (2)

It was so much fun catching up and making summer memories with our friends!

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