Camping: a comedy of errors – Part 2


Saturday morning began with a prayer that Toby’s truck would start.

It did!

I called Toby to let him know that we were on our way and to see if everyone had survived at his end, only to discover that his phone had died sometime in the night and I had no way to get ahold of him. All we could do is hope for the best and start our trek north, back to the KOA campground.

IMG_8829 (2)

We arrived and found Toby making the best of the situation. He had made breakfast for the kids (eggs in a bag) and had taken them swimming at the pool. This is where we found them when we arrived. We left the truck running, for fear it wouldn’t start again, and let the kids play for an hour. There was so much that the campground offered that it made me sad we had to leave the camping trip early.

IMG_8720 (2)

IMG_8726 (2)

What an amazing man!

What an amazing man!

The kids swam in the pool..



Enjoyed the giant inflatable water slide…

IMG_8858 (2)


and jumped on the air pillow trampoline.

IMG_8806 (2)

IMG_8803 (2)

IMG_8757 (2)

IMG_8783 (2)

We fit a lot of fun into our last few hours at the camp.


IMG_8771 (2)

Then it was time to pack up. We began loading the trailer for the trip home and Toby backed up his truck to connect the trailer. It was at that moment we realized that the hitch was still connected to the broken down SUV!

IMG_8872 (2)

Of course it was. 🙂

So, Toby drove his truck back to the parking lot where my dead car lay and unhooked the hitch from the back. While he was gone I started a fire and the girls helped me make mountain pies for lunch while the boys went fishing at the pond.

IMG_8901 (2)

IMG_8884 (2)

IMG_8887 (2)

Toby finally made it back, we finished packing up, and we headed home where we tried to salvage our less than ideal set of circumstances and still make it a fun weekend for Brandon.

Stopping for ice cream on our way home.

Stopping for ice cream on our way home.

Our evening was spent having a cookout,

playing slip and slide kick ball,

IMG_8940 (2)

IMG_8938 (2)

roasting marshmallows, and having fun with marshmallow tossing games.



IMG_8955 (2)

IMG_8967 (2)

We ended the evening with Toby setting off leftover fireworks from the 4th of July.


IMG_8980 (2)

Tyler and Brandon had a campout in the living room Saturday night and enjoyed late night “brother bonding” as they visited late into the night.

Toby and Tyler took Brandon home on Sunday in Gracie’s little truck.

It was hard taking him back into an uncertain situation.

It was hard for Tyler to say goodbye.

IMG_8867 (2)

I only hope that despite the craziness of our weekend we were a blessing to Brandon, because I know he was a blessing to us.

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  1. The best part of this story is that you did salvage the weekend and pack in loads of fun and laughter despite all the set backs. Welcome to Mimi’s and Aunt Kathryn’s legacy of thinking on the fly, devising Plan B’s, being resilient, flexible, and willing to accept that “going with the flow” usually makes the best stories. One of the best things you can do for your family is be the cheerleader! Kudos, hugs and kisses from the desert! Aunt K

    • We did make it work out in the end (despite the craziness!) And in reality the chaos probably provided a more comfortable and familiar environment for a little boy who is used to trauma and disfunction than a smooth, perfect weekend would have. As Mom always says, “We put the FUN in disfunction!” 🙂

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