A Day at the Races


“Planes, automobiles, trains,

they are great,

but when it comes to getting the heart going,

they can’t touch a horse.” – John Wayne

IMG_9324 (2)

Yesterday was spent at The Homestead,

as we celebrated birthdays, spent time with G.G. (my grandmother,) and played games, games and more games!

(More on our super, fun day in the next blog)

For now: A peek at our day at the races…

IMG_9328 (2)

When my parents purchased their home with it came some playground equipment in the yard. One of the pieces of playground equipment was a vintage, four-person teeter-totter.

IMG_9300 (2)

It is a hit among the grandkids, who use it to have pretend horse races. One kid plays the part of announcer, and the other four kids claim their chosen steed. The riders get into position, give the name of their race horse, and the starting shot rings….

IMG_9307 (2)


They’re off!

We never know who the victor will be until the announcer declares the winner.

Each rider has their own style:

IMG_9317 (2)

IMG_9329 (2)

IMG_9333 (2)

IMG_9332 (2)

IMG_9330 (2)

IMG_9331 (2)

Regardless of whether you are 13 or 1…

IMG_9361 (2)

the horses are fun for everyone!

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