Just two gingers and two blondes with an unbreakable bond!



What a blessing long-term friends are. As the daughter of an Army man this was something I didn’t experience until I was older. I loved growing up an Army brat. I loved the lifestyle, the culture, the lingo, and traditions. I loved the adventure of moving every few years and the chance to start new. I loved seeing the country and experiencing new cultures. It was a wonderful way to grow up and sometimes I feel sad that my own children aren’t able to experience the life that brought me such joy in my childhood.

However by growing up in one area they have experienced blessings that I never did. They have lived close to family and have become acquainted with cousins and aunts and uncles in a way I never did as a child with our many moves. They have created memories and traditions that come from living in one area for a long stretch. They have formed a connection and an identity as Pittsburghers.

But one of the greatest blessings that have come from this more settled lifestyle is friendships…

long-term, deep, intimate friendships that can only develop over time.

As a child I never had a friendship last more than 3 years and it wasn’t until I was gown and developing friendships as an adult (friendships that lasted more than 3 years) that I realized what I was missing out on. As I watch my girls giggle over memories they share with their best friends that happened when they were in first grade, my heart warms.

I love that they get to experience those deep, meaningful, best friend relationships…

because those are the best!

This past Monday the girls created another special, shared memory to add to their memory bank when they surprised Tatum with a spa day for her birthday. Molly’s best friend, Tatum, turned 14 on Monday and the girls wanted to do something special to celebrate so they packed up pedicure supplies. hair products, make-up galore, and some “spa food” we bought from the grocery store, and we headed to Tatum’s house.

She was surprised when we walked in singing, “Happy Birthday.”

The girls sat her down and got to work right away. They wanted her to feel pampered and pretty.

IMG_0064 (2)

While the girls turned the living room into a spa, the boys scattered. Lana and I made the most of the girls’ spa time and planned the menu for our upcoming houseboat vacation. The more we planned the more excited we got. It will be here soon!

After the girls were done pampering Tatum they gave her a make-over, with make-up, painted nails, and straightened hair.

IMG_0068 (2)

It was a memory making afternoon for best buddies.

IMG_0058 (2)

Happy birthday, Miss Tatum! You are beautiful inside and out!

IMG_0061 (2)

“Everyone has a friend in each stage of life. But only the lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of their life.”

IMG_0079 (2)

Here’s to many more years of friendship!

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