Last Day of Summer!


Ok, I have to say…

Best Summer Ever!

God is so good and the difference a year makes is astounding. Last summer was so long..and so emotionally exhausting. This year any fatigue I experienced was simply a result of a lot of late nights and fun excursions. Oh, how grateful I am for this blessed season of rest and renewal. How grateful I am for hearts healing and family bonding. How grateful I am for the season of play we enjoyed after a hard season of work.

That being said, as fun and refreshing as our relaxing summer has been, I think everyone is excited for the start of school. I know I’m looking forward to routines and predictability. As fun as the carefree days of summer are they only last so long before I start craving the boring routines of everyday living.

It is like enjoying vacation food…all those sweet, fried treats on a stick…they are fun and indulgent but they aren’t sustaining, and after a week of vacation indulgences you find yourself craving “real food.”

It was an amazing summer but we are looking forward to fall.

Our school preparations began yesterday with appointments and back to school shopping.

Our full day happened, however, on very little sleep. The night before I caved and agreed to participate in our final summer bucket list item: An all night movie marathon.

The big kids have been asking for this all summer, and I have been avoiding it all summer. As fun as I would have found this idea when was 15 years old, the thought of giving up sleep for the sake of watching movies into the wee hours of the morning no longer holds the same appeal. Perhaps because of the many “all nighters” I “enjoyed” with them in their infancy. 🙂

BUT I caved.

It was only one night of lost sleep and I knew that the memories made would far outweigh those 8 hours of lost sleep when I look back on that night 30 years from now.

So at 9:00 the little boys were tucked into bed and the party began. (Toby didn’t stay up with us since he had work the next day.)

We pulled out the snack foods and put in the first movie.


We decided to have a Jurrassic Park movie marathon.


It was so much fun sharing these movies, that hold such memories, with them. I was Gracie’s age when I went to see the first Jurassic Park movie with my family in the theatre. Even now I remember the awe I felt when I saw the dinosaurs for the first time walk across the movie screen. It was stunning. Even now, after all the advancements in special effects in film, that movie still gives me chills.

jurrasic park

jurassic park 3


It was a fun night and we made it until 4ish before we all threw in the towel and headed to bed.

The next day was filled with final school preparation errands:

Dentist appointments for everyone.

Everyone is cavity free- Yea!

Everyone is cavity free- Yea!

Haircuts for the girls.





And back to school shopping! (My favorite shopping trip of the year) Because we home school we don’t have the traditional back to school wardrobe shopping that needs to be done, but we do have supply shopping. Buying school supplies for my “at home” classroom is one of the biggest perks of home schooling. There is something so thrilling about new crayons and fresh notebooks. Love it!


In the evening Rusty headed to the Hudak’s home for a birthday sleepover and the Hudak girls came to stay with us. They had online school orientation for their cyber school, which they participated in while eating dinner, and then they were free to play all night and pull another “almost all-nighter.”


Today we pick up the rest of the Hudak clan to meet up with other co-op friends for some fabulous final day of summer fun.

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