Black and Gold Nation


Around our neck of the woods people bleed Black and Gold and the Steelers reign supreme.

A few weeks ago, on Tyler’s birthday, Toby was given 2 tickets to a pre-season game by the family he is currently building a garage for. He took Tyler for his birthday, making it the best birthday Tyler’s ever had.

At the same time they gave Toby 2 more tickets to another game, last Thursday’s game, and he invited me to be his date…

Woo hoo!

I was so excited. We haven’t had a date night out in a while and it was a treat to get free tickets to a Steeler’s game!

While the game was not one of the team’s better performances, the experience itself was awesome!

What the game lacked in winning plays was made up for in atmosphere.

It was a wonderful night

at beautiful stadium,

in an amazing city,

with an enthusiastic crowd of loyal fans…

Go Steelers!

Thanks, Beck family, for the best date night ever!

(Oh, and thank you Toby, for choosing me to be your date.)  😉

My handsome date for the evening...

My handsome date for the evening…

Walking into Heinz Field

Walking into Heinz Field


The Great Hall

A REALLY big terrible towel.

A REALLY big terrible towel.


Go Steelers!

Go Steelers! Wave that towel!




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