Quick stop at Cabela’s


We are on the road!

Yesterday we left the house at 5:30 pm after spending the day doing last-minute packing and taking care of some Saturday commitments before we could leave.The older kids attended the baptism of a friend of theirs, Toby had a big metal detecting hunt, and Tyler had a football game…which Ozzie and I shivered through as the rain poured down.

Finally we all reconvened at the house, instructed the animal sitters on the care for the farm critters, and we were off.

First stop: Cabela’s.

IMG_1328 (2)Two hours south of us, just over the West Virgina border, is a Cabela’s store. For those who aren’t familiar with this super store it is a outdoorsman’s heaven,

containing an impressive collection of hunting/fishing/sportsman gear.

But Cabela’s is more than just a sportsman’s store, it is an experience in and of itself.

There are huge aquariums, displays of taxidermy that are beautiful in their artistry, a restaurant, and shooting gallery.

IMG_1303 (2)It is a really fun place.

Toby has been wanting to make a trip down to Cabela’s and this was the perfect opportunity. He wanted to get some fishing supplies for the trip and Tyler had birthday money that was burning a hole in his pocket that he was eager to spend on fishing gear.

When we told the kids we were leaving on the trip a day early to include a trip to Cabela’s everyone was excited, particularly the two little boys. Neither one had been to Cabela’s since they were six. Ozzie’s last trip there was with his birth parents five years ago and Tyler’s last trip there was with us three years ago.

It is crazy to think back on that visit to Cabela’s. It was a stop on our way to Sutton Lake, WV on our houseboat vacation. Tyler had just moved in two days prior and we left on a vacation that had been planned for months prior to us knowing Tyler would become our son.

Oh, how different that trip was compared to last night’s trip! We were in that “new placement phase” that brings with the excitement of a new addition, as well as a whole lot of anxiety and uncertainty. We didn’t know Tyler and he didn’t know us and off we went for a week vacation. It sounds crazy but was a great blessing in the end.

On that trip to Cabela’s (three years ago) we locked our keys in the car. So sitting in the parking lot for an hour, while waiting for AAA to come to the rescue, we kept our new, very ADHD six-year-old son occupied by playing “football” with Ducky (his stuffed duck) in the parking lot of Cabela’s. Oh, the memories!

Our trip to Cabela's three years ago.

Our trip to Cabela’s three years ago. They all look so young!

This visit was much easier and a lot calmer. Thank goodness! What a difference a few years makes. Things with the boys are so easy now and the visit to Cabela’s was stress-free and a lot of fun. 🙂

IMG_1266 (2)When we arrived we headed first to the big aquariums. The kids loved checking out the fish and Toby pointed out some of the fish they could possibly catch on the houseboat.

IMG_1279 (2)

IMG_1271 (2)Toby and Tyler then headed to the fishing area of the store where they spent an hour shopping with the birthday money/ gift cards they each brought with them.

I took the rest of the kids with me to check out all the cool animal displays. They are so neat and we enjoyed wandering the store from one taxidermy display to the next…

IMG_1292 (2)

IMG_1284 (2)IMG_1285 (2)IMG_1351 (2)

IMG_1310 (2)We eventually wandered back to the boys who were still in the fishing section. Tyler was debating between two fishing poles he liked. He decided he wanted to use his birthday money to buy his very own fishing pole. He found one that was on sale that came with a stocked tackle box, making it a great deal. He was thrilled with his purchase and can’t wait to try it out on the houseboat.

IMG_1326 (2)We walked around the store until closing time and then drove to our hotel where we enjoyed a wonderful night sleep (most comfortable beds ever!) and a delicious free breakfast in the morning.

Now we are off again. We will drive all day and reach Kentucky by dinner.

IMG_20150913_094330053Road trip fun, here we come!

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