Never have I ever…


Yesterday was spent in the car as we traveled to our final destination…Kentucky.

Along the way we entertained ourselves by playing all the classic travel games…

license plate bingo, the alphabet game, and Tyler’s personal favorite: BINGO!

This version of BINGO is played by earning points for each yellow car you see and being the first person in the car to call out “BINGO.”

Yesterday Molly also introduced the boys to a new game, “Never have I ever…”

This quickly became Tyler’s new favorite game.


You play by holding up 10 fingers. Players take turns making a “Never have I ever” statement about something they have never done in their life that they think other players may have done. Everyone who has done that thing must put down one finger. The winner is the player who still has a finger up at the end of the game.

“Never have I ever wore braces”…Grace, Rusty and Toby put a finger down.

“Never have I ever flown in an airplane”…everyone but Tyler puts a finger down.

“Never have I ever been outside the USA”…Toby and I put a finger down.

And so the game continues until there is one left standing.

We soon discovered that the longer you have lived and the more life experiences you have had the more you are at a disadvantage with this game…

Making it a game that Tyler excelled at. 🙂

Long after the other kids were burned out with “Never have I ever” Tyler was still going strong and wanting to play.

So by the time we reached our hotel it was just him and I playing.

I had to really reach and get creative to come up with something new that he had done and I hadn’t done in my life, especially after hours of playing this game.

Suddenly it came to me…

“Never have I ever been adopted!”

I looked over my shoulder at him, proud of myself for coming up with something so good, and he was giving me the classic Tyler smirk…

“Momma…” he said, waiting for me to correct myself.

“What,” I asked, confused by his look.

“Yes you have!” he corrected.

“No, I wasn’t adopted,” I explained.

With a look of shock he exclaimed, “What?! You weren’t adopted??”

“Then who birthed you?!” he demanded.

“Umm, Mimi” I answered, all while thinking to myself, “Have I never explained this or does he just never listen to me?”

The look of horror on his face was priceless.

“Well, the kids were all adopted,” he declared with confidence.

“Um, actually Tyler,” Grace spoke up from the back seat, “we weren’t adopted either.”

“WHAT?! Who birthed you??”

“Mom did,” Gracie answered.

He looked at us as though we were all part of some great conspiracy.

Now I know we have explained this before so this just confirmed my suspicion that Tyler’s ears turn off when I speak.

He sat there shaking his head in disbelief…

“So, just me and Ozzie were adopted.”

That life changing realization quickly put and end to our game…

He sat quietly in the back seat, looking at me with great suspicion, wondering what other life changing secrets I am hiding from him…

If he only knew…

Funny kid. 🙂

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