An Island Adventure


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” – Helen Keller

One of the best parts of our houseboat adventure is the fun of exploring new places.

P1030506At our first location we overlooked a small island. The kids immediately zeroed in on it, upon waking in the morning, and asked it they could try swimming out to it.

Toby estimated it was about ¼ mile away.


We decided the teens were strong enough swimmers to swim without supervision and so they took off with floats and boats to assist them in their travels.

IMG_1930 (2)The little boys stayed back with us and swam as we watched the teens swim across the lake, waiting to see if they would send up a distress signal:

 two oars raised up in the air.

When they were almost to the island we hopped into the fishing boat with the two little boys and motored over to them.

IMG_2005 (2)The big kids climbed to the top of the island, feeling victorious about their accomplishment.

IMG_1935 (2)It was on the far side of the island that the kids discovered the real treasure:

IMG_1999 (2)A perfect cliff ledge to jump from and crawl beneath.

IMG_1942 (2)We spent about an hour, watching as the kids played and jumped from the rock formations.

IMG_2021 (2)





The little boys even joined in the fun.

IMG_2030 (2)

IMG_2033 (2)It was a perfect find that came as a result of some adventurous kids with a desire to explore…

Let the adventure continue!

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