Hope Floats


“Beginnings are scary.

Endings are usually sad,

but it’s what’s in the middle that counts.

So, when you find yourself at the beginning,

just give hope a chance to float up.

And it will.” – Hope Floats

Today marks the halfway point of our houseboat vacation. Last night we had a magical experience planned.

Woody brought with him two sky lanterns we could set off into the sky.

The dark night, lit only with stars, made for the perfect backdrop.

We told the kids we were sending our hopes to heaven.

Everyone took a slip of paper and privately wrote down a wish or a hope they have.

IMG_2437We then all moved to the top deck where we taped everyone’s hopes to the sky lanterns.

IMG_2446The lanterns were lit

IMG_2448and as they filled with hot air they began to rise.

IMG_2450We watched as our hopes were carried to heaven.

IMG_2451We stood on the top deck watching until the lanterns were faint specks in the distance.

IMG_2457“Just give hope a chance to float up…”

and they will!

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