A Quick Stop and a Pit Stop


Today we decided to motor back toward some sort of civilization to top off the gas tank, the water tanks, and purchase a few more bags of ice for the coolers we store the drinks in.

Along the lake there are multiple marinas. We decided to head toward the Jamestown Marina, the one closest to where we were docked.

It was as we were traveling that we had our first unplanned excitement of the trip…

When booking this vacation we decided to rent a fishing boat as well, that we could tow along with us. This fishing boat allowed us the freedom to head out and explore smaller coves without having to take the big houseboat (and everyone in it) with us. The dads enjoyed being able to motor out to better fishing areas in the smaller boat and the kids loved riding along.

IMG_2415While traveling with the houseboat we just tow the fishing boat behind us.

IMG_2230On our way to the marina we were motoring along, riding on the top deck, enjoying the view, when someone spotted something in the distance…

IMG_2231It was our fishing boat!

IMG_2162What makes this so funny is that Lana had just shared with us the story of her parent’s losing their fishing boat off the back of the houseboat they rented on Lake Powell.

Ahhh, the irony. 🙂

We yelled down the stairs for the driver to hit the brakes and we circled around to retrieve the boat, grateful we hadn’t traveled all the way to the marina before we discovered our loss.

Toby jumped in..our hero of the day…to grab the boat and tied it to our floating home, and then we were “back on the road.” 🙂

IMG_2166As we approached the marina a small boat drove out to meet us and an employee of the marina boarded the houseboat to take us in.

IMG_2235For some reason they don’t want inexperienced drivers trying to pull houseboats up to the gas pumps at the dock,

passing by million dollar, privately owned,  houseboats…

Yeah, I don’t get it either. 😉

Once we were docked the kids got out to explore while the attendant began filling up our gas tank and fresh water tank.

IMG_2236The marina was beautiful with a full store, restaurant, and beautiful bathrooms that we all took advantage of. 🙂

IMG_2241The kids all got an ice cream treat, compliments of Miss Tatum, who earned a treat for logging the most school points of all her siblings before they left on vacation. The Hudak kids were told that the one who got the most school work done before leaving on vacation could pick a vacation treat from the store. Tatum asked if she could pass on the store treat and instead get everyone an ice cream novelty bar for everyone at the marina. Her parents agreed and all the kids benefited from Tatum’s diligence and generosity!


IMG_2239While at the marina we loaded up on ice and everyone took advantage of our pit stop to log into the marina’s wifi (which was much stronger and quicker than the hot spot Toby could create on his cell phone.) It was funny to see everyone’s computers come out as the kids all logged into their school email to check for messages from their teachers and submit school work they had been working on offline as we boated.

IMG_2242After a thirty minute pit stop we were off again…

Let the adventure continue!

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

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