Cast Away Your Troubles


“A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work”

IMG_1723That is what we kept telling ourselves this week.

IMG_1917The upside of fishing on Cumberland Lake is that it was much better  fishing then the fishing we experienced last time

on Lake Sutton, WV.

IMG_2463But it didn’t quite measure up to the fishing they imagined in their daydreams.

IMG_2436Instead of large stripers,

blue gills were the catch of the week.

IMG_1849They also caught some bass and spotted a carp or two.

IMG_2120While the fishing was a bit of a disappointment for the dads, the kids had no complaints,


IMG_2204especially Tyler who spent most of his waking moments with a fishing pole in hand.

IMG_1854They only thing Tyler likes as well as a football in hand is a fishing line in the water.

IMG_2429And there is no one he’d rather have fishing by his side than his Daddy.

IMG_2418While the fish may have been small, the memories made were huge!

IMG_1848“There’s always time for one more cast”

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