“The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round” (an update)


This summer we attended a school bus auction where we purchased a used 72 passenger big, yellow school bus that we are  converting into a RV for our family. Next summer we have a three-week trip planned for our family. We will be heading west and visiting many of the beautiful National Parks and historic sites our country has to offer. The school bus turned RV will be our home away from home for the trip.

(as well as for future vacations and camping trips)

We have been researching and are in the beginning planning phase for that trip as we make a list of the desired stops along the way. The kids have all been involved in the planning process and have made their wish list stops be known. Once we are done with research then we will map out our route and decide which places we will stop and see.

While the planning is taking place, Toby has been working on the bus whenever he has a spare minute or two. It is slowly taking shape. It is gutted (all the bus seats have been removed) and the floor is completed. Toby installed a beautiful hardwood floor, using wood we had on hand, and finished it with charming walnut plugs. The floor is now finished with stain and polyurethane.

IMG_3081 The next step was reconfiguring the steps. Because there will now be two “driver seats” for him and I

we needed the stairs to angle back behind the co-captain’s chair rather than go straight up toward the driver’s seat.


Toby did a beautiful job of making it look as though it was made this way.


 On the outside of the bus metal sheeting has gone up to cover some windows where the bathroom will be and the bunk beds for the boys.


IMG_3084He is now done framing walls. Once he runs the electric he will finish the walls. Here you can see where the master bedroom will be in the back, the bathroom (containing a sink and toilet) on the left, and the closet on the right.

Over the wheel hubs on the left will be the boys’ bunks (3 high) and on the right will be the kitchen with a fridge, stove top, sink, and countertop/cabinets.


Toby is doing an amazing job and it is fun for the family to be part of the transformation. Stay tuned as it continues to evolve from a school bus for 72…

to a home on wheels for a family of 7!

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