A Scout is a Super Hero


“There is a superhero inside all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.”


This was the theme of Wednesday evening’s scout meeting. We have some new scout leaders in our troop so they decided to plan a fun kick-off for the new school year. The kick-off served multiple purposes: introduce the new scout leaders to the parents and boys, give an overview of changes coming in the new school year, and introduce the changes to the cub scout program that have come out in 2015.

I currently have 2 cub scouts. Tyler is a Bear and Ozzie is a Blazer Scout.

The theme for the night was super heroes…a perfect theme for a bunch of cubs!

IMG_3477 (2)

When we arrived the boys were all given one of the attributes of a scout to be their “super power.” They then had to design a super hero cape that reflected that super power.

Toby explaining the meaning of Tyler's super power: "courteous."

Toby explaining the meaning of Tyler’s super power: “courteous.”

The boys were all given white table cloths (super hero capes) to color.

IMG_3486 (2)

When the boys all were done designing their capes there was a super hero fashion show.

First the flag ceremony...

First the flag ceremony…

The boys took turns coming up to the front of the room where they modeled their capes and shared what their “Super Virtue” was and what it meant.


Tyler’s was “Courteous.”

IMG_3498 (2)

Ozzie’s was “Helpful.”

IMG_3492 (2)

Then the boys put on a super hero skit. Ozzie eagerly participated,

but Tyler, who hates being center stage, chose to watch instead.

After the skit the different scout leaders introduced themselves and spoke about the upcoming activities. It sounds like it is going to be a wonderful year for the boys. I am excited for them!

The night ended with refreshments.

IMG_3508 (2)

Because what scout meeting is complete without treats?!

As Rusty always says:


AND HUNGRY…Always hungry! 🙂

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