Scatter Kindness…week #1



Saturday marked the end of week one in our Random Act of Kindness challenge for the month of November. What a wonderful week it was! We all loved consciously reaching out and scattering seeds of kindness to those we love, as well as total strangers. With each RAOK we found ourselves eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to spread joy, and in the process we found ourselves forgetting ourselves and focusing on the love we have for others.

I am so grateful for Molly’s inspired idea that led to this Random Act of Kindness challenge.

I am grateful for God’s provisions and the inspiration He laid on our hearts to use our monthly grocery budget to fund our month of giving. I am grateful for a full freezer and stocked pantry that allows us to redirect the funds we would spend on our own groceries and use it instead to be a blessing to others.

I encourage you to not give up on the challenge to spread love this month through Random Acts of Kindness if financially your situation differs. It need not cost anything. Your RAOKs may be different. We just chose this route so that our children could experience the link between sacrifice of self and the great blessing of placing other’s needs ahead of our own wants….

and how good that feels!

Consider what works for you and your family, and then do it! 🙂

Scatter Kindness and watch those seeds take root.

Here is a peek into some of the fun we had this week showing love and appreciation to others.


Monday we kicked off our RAOK challenge with a fun game of “Ding Dong Ditch” for family night. We thought this would be a fun and exciting way for engage the little boys and set the tone for the month ahead. We purchased 7 boxes of Ding Dongs, wrapped them with a tag, and picked 7 families we wanted to “Ding Dong Ditch.”

IMG_6867 (2)

The whole idea behind a Ding Dong Ditch is to drop the treat, ring the doorbell and run back to the waiting van, before getting caught. Tyler struggled with the rules of the game.

“When they open the door I’m going to yell, ‘Happy Halloween!” he declared.

“But Halloween is over,” Rusty corrected.

“Then I will yell, ‘Good Night!’ and then do the worm on their porch,” he decided.

“No,” we explained, “You don’t say anything.  You don’t do any dance moves. You run so they don’t see you.”

IMG_6874 (2)

After watching the big kids Ding Dong Ditch the first house he finally understood Everyone had fun running through the night, ringing door bells and trying to make to back to the car before the front door was opened.

IMG_6878 (2)

Cost: $21.00


On Tuesday we decided to show appreciation to the staff at two of our regular offices: Dr. G, our orthodontist, and Miss Tina’s office (Ozzie and Tyler’s therapist) at Glade Run.

Ozzie had an appointment with Miss Tina in the morning. We left early enough to stop at Oram’s Donuts to buy 3 dozen donuts…

one dozen for the staff at Miss Tina’s office and 2 dozen for all the girls and Dr.G at the orthodontist’s office. The staff at both offices are phenomenal and we wanted to express our appreciation.


The staff at both offices we touched. It was so nice to give back to two offices that have been such a blessing to our family.

dr. g

Dr. G enjoying his glazed donuts. 🙂

Cost: $ 31.00


Wednesday is our co-op day and as part of our home school co-op group we take on  a service project each month. For the month of November we are collecting money to donate to our local city rescue mission to help pay for Thanksgiving dinners for the homeless. It cost the mission $2.05 to feed a thanksgiving meal to a homeless man.

IMG_6898 (2)

The kids decided to empty some of the loose change from their piggy banks and donate it to feed the homeless. They combined their change and had enough money to donate the funds necessary to feed a Thanksgiving dinner to 12 men.

IMG_6901 (2)

Cost: $ 24.60

The girls also planned an appreciation treat for the moms at co-op who work so hard to teach all the co-op classes and plan the fun activities and field trips. They decided to set up a “Teachers’ Lounge” in the lunchroom. They brought in an electric tea kettle from home, herbal teas and sweeteners, and four types of home cooked muffins for the moms to enjoy during their break periods.

IMG_6903 (2)

Cost: $4.00

On Wednesday evening the cub scouts did their own service project. They wrote letters of appreciation to soldiers serving in the military. Here is a snapshot Toby took of the letter Tyler wrote before it was turned in to be sent to a soldier.


Cost: $0


The kids decided to show their appreciation to their two taekwondo instructors by wrapping up a sweet treat for each of them.

IMG_6893 (2)

Cost: $5.00

Ozzie and Tyler also had a doctor’s appointment that day so we had another secret RAOK up our sleeves. We made a stop at the craft store to pick up some individual velvet coloring kits. We brought them home, wrapped them up with a RAOK tag, and took them  to our appointment. The boys had fun placing them around the waiting room to be discovered by an unsuspecting child who isn’t feeling well, with hopes that it might brighten their day.

IMG_6905 (2)

Cost: $ 6.00


On Friday we went shopping for Operation Christmas Child. This is a favorite charity of ours and packing these shoeboxes has become a holiday tradition in our home. For this service project we went on-line to purchase  tracking labels for five boxes. The $7.00 per box tracking label helps off-set some of the cost to send these Christmas gifts to all corners of the globe, to the neediest children around the globe.

You then chose whether you are buying for a male or female child. You can pick a 2-4 year old child, a 5-9 year old child, or a 10-14 year old child.

IMG_6910 (2)

The kids all picked who they were buying for, were given a $10.00 budget to fill their shoebox, and we headed out shopping. They LOVED this RAOK project and put a lot of thought into the gifts they were buying. When we were done shopping the boxes were packed and the kids wrote personal letters to include in their box.

IMG_6929 (2)

 They are now ready to be dropped off at a pick up location and we will be able to track (via the tags we purchased online) what country our boxes will be delivered to for Christmas.

IMG_6932 (2)

Here is a video of what that looks like on the other end:

This was one of our big cost projects for the month. (We have three of these planed)

Total cost for 5- $7.00 tags and $ 10.00 for each child to fill a box for a child: $85.00


On Saturday everyone was scattered in different directions. I spent the day at a scrapbooking workshop with friends. The workshop was being held to raise money to send a mission team into Jamaica to take clothes and supplies to the needy in that country. The little boys and I went through their clothes, picking items we could donate to the mission trip.

Cost: $0

 Anyone care to join us for week 2?


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