Minute to Win It


This week for the combined activity the youth participated in something extra fun….

The young men and the young women at church came together for a Minute to Win It competition. Since the young men were in charge of this month’s joint activity they were all asked to bring the supplies and instructions for one Minute to Win It game. Rusty chose to bring cookies for “face the cookie.”

The youth then moved from one challenge to another, competing in multiple 60 second challenges against friends. I wasn’t able to make it myself, so Toby generously offered to get lots of pictures for me…

because the best part of a Minute to Win It night is being a spectator!

The games make for fun photo opportunities. 🙂

My teens all came home raving about the fun they had. A BIG thanks to their youth leaders who make memorable nights like this happen for our kids!

You are the BEST!

IMG_7079 (2)IMG_7084 (2)IMG_7105 (2)IMG_7091 (2)IMG_7082 (2)IMG_7085 (2)IMG_7096 (2)IMG_7112 (2)IMG_7107 (2)

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