All About Smiles


“Your never fully dressed without a smile” – Annie

We are happy to report that Tyler is now fully dressed…

thanks to All About Smiles.

In October, at our corn maze field trip, Tyler bonked heads with another boy from co-op. The result: a broken front lower tooth.

IMG_5751 (2)

And of course was an adult tooth. 🙂

We set up an appointment soon after it happened to have it bonded. Our experience with Ozzie and his two broken front teeth left me feeling less concerned, knowing that it could be easily fixed in our dentist’s office.

Which is why we were so surprised to have our dentist tell us that he wouldn’t be able to fix it. He was pretty certain there was damage to the root as a result of the large break. He said we would have to set up an appointment with an endodontist (a dentist who specializes in the pulp of teeth…aka root canals.)

Unsure of how to proceed I asked our pediatrician’s office if there was someone they recommended. They suggested All About Smiles.

I called and set up appointment for a consultation. They informed me that nothing would be done at our first appointment except set up a treatment plan and (if needed) book a date for oral surgery.

Tyler was disappointed that they weren’t going to be able to fix his tooth. The rough edges of his broken tooth has been driving him crazy, but luckily there has been no pain or sensitivity.


When we arrived we were taken straight back where Tyler received a set of x-rays and waited for the dentist to see him. We were surprised and thrilled when she walked in, carrying his x-rays, to inform us that he just missed hitting the root and that his tooth could simply be fixed with bonding. Not only was it an easy fix but she offered to go ahead and fix it right then and there so that we didn’t have to come back at a later date.




Tyler was a bit nervous but the dentist quickly reassured him that the procedure would be painless and that he wouldn’t even need a Novocain shot. She was good about explaining each step to him as she worked on him.


The end result…a fixed tooth and a happy boy.


We both left smiling!

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